• Alison Steele posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 7 months, 1 week ago

    Skijored part of Spruce early Saturday afternoon; -3C and sunny. Happy to report the Spruce trail has been groomed and has a beautiful corduroy surface…very good skate ski conditions!

    • Alison, “very good skate ski conditions” means there is minimal risk of skiing over a rock or gravel, correct?

      • Yes Kevin – to elaborate, the snow base is deep/firm enough that I didn’t encounter any rocks or gravel. There are some leafy patches, but the wide trail makes it easy enough to avoid the bad spots. I recommend checking it out!

        • I skate skied Spruce on Monday afternoon, but only because Anita’s dog walking group started from the Nimowin parking lot. I don’t agree with “very good skate ski conditions”. My opinion is: equal portions of good and fair, a few sections of poor, and the eastern half of the loop at the far end was excellent (~300m). In particular, the trail surface is wavy in most places with a fair number of ruts; I realize that will improve with more snow. It took me >5K to get used to it and be able to ski with good balance. I was feeling a bit better about the trail after 26K / 2 hours, but I’ll choose the Group Use Road next time … unless there’s a lot more snow and Anita is again walking at Nimowin.