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    Sunday 11:30-2:30 – fabulous conditions for the first half of our ski, but then it got above zero and sunny; softening the trails and causing sticky snow to gather on the bottom of our skis. There was also slushy ice/water at Green trail’s low spot (west of the big shack) that was dicey to ski through – I got a booter! However, it was well worth the trip – thanks to the groomer for immaculate trails! Stay well, all!

    • Alison:
      If we go earlier enough tomorrow morning to avoid plus temps, do you think it will be too icy on the Green, Grey, and Black hills?

      • Good question Kevin! I don’t have enough experience at Sandilands to know how it’ll set up overnight, but I would avoid the low (flooded) section on Green – it was already pretty wet by 1:30. We didn’t ski the Black loop, but another skier advised us to stay on Green instead as Black was getting too soft by noon. There were several walkers on the north part of Green, chewing it up by 2:30. If anyone else can give Kevin more info on the trails, please add to this comment.