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  • BHP trails were all nicely groomed today (Thursday), however high winds blew lots of debris into the classic tracks, and avoiding leaves, pine cones and sticks was tricky. The skate track looked fabulous.

  • Monday afternoon we skied Bluestem, Chickadee and Esker. Tracks were fast, firm and fabulous! Aside from a little leafy debris here and there, conditions were excellent…hope it lasts awhile!

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    Sunday afternoon 120+ smiling people were out enjoying the sunshine at Pumpkin Creek’s Mystery Tour. The grooming was pristine, and conditions were ideal…really enjoyed the fun Mystery Trail. Many thanks to all the nice folks that put together this great event – it was a perfect ski day!

  • Pinawa – Thursday afternoon we skied the Blue and English River trails. Classic tracks were great other than a few windblown areas and canine tracks (and feces!). Always a pleasure to ski Pinawa’s hills….loved it!

  • Wednesday night we skied Esker and the north loop of Chickadee. Despite being ungroomed, tracks were still surprisingly good, even on Chickadee where we expected to see lots of footprints.

  • On Monday we classic skied the trails in Kildonan Park and golf course. These trails tend to get blown-in, especially on the open golf course, but the tracks were decent and firmly packed. Too bad we had to cross many roadways in the park, and watch out for low branches.

  • We skijored and kick-sledded on the Spruce Trail on Friday afternoon. The trail was blown-in at the northwest loop, and generally chewed up by footprints, snowshoes and ski marks, but there’s a hard-packed base beneath the newest snow, and it was great for skijoring on this nice day.

  • We skied parts of Chickadee, Esker and west Bluestem Thursday afternoon. There is lots of blown-in snow in open areas, but some intrepid souls have skied through the drifts, setting decent tracks. Still good skiing in spite of not being groomed…..well skied in.

  • We classic skied at GB early Saturday afternoon. Tracks were good with about an inch of fresh snow that has been well skied in. The skate area was soft and uneven, with ridges, humps and rough patches, especially on the north Beaver loop. I found a red dog’s bootie on the trail that I forgot to leave at the trailhead – please comment to this…[Read more]

    • I skied there in January and the skate trails then were absolutely terrible. Whatever the park is using to groom them is not working .

  • Early Friday afternoon we skijored/kick-sledded the north portion of the Spruce Trail. Thanks to park staff for the recent grooming – trail was fast and firm and our dogs were happy to be out on this beauty of a day.

  • Wednesday night we had a lovely ski on Lime Kiln. Conditions were fantastic, even with the new snow that was falling. The mild weather made for an easy ski with great glide….hope we’re done with -40C!!

  • Sunday afternoon Bluestem tracks were excellent, crisp and even; although the glide was a bit slow due to the cold. A snowmobile had traveled on the last kilometer (nearest the stables), but the damage is minimal. Many skiers out today enjoying the sunshine and wonderful grooming!

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    Monday, Feb 11th we classic skied Hecla’s West Quarry trail, and enjoyed the beautiful snow-laden evergreens on these sheltered trails. It’s nice to have double tracks, but they’re often too close to the bushes….sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes. The trails could use a grooming, as the tracks were shallow with tree litter, canine…[Read more]

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    Saturday afternoon Sandilands trails were in beautiful shape after yesterday’s grooming, and with enough soft snow to snowplow down those exciting hills. After we skied at Quarry Oaks Golf Course; and it was in pristine shape after also being groomed yesterday. The short loops are an easy, quick ski on relatively flat terrain…perfect for…[Read more]

  • Monday morning we skijored & kicksledded the north loop of Spruce. It’s nicely packed for skating, with a few human footprints…very good conditions overall on a beautiful day with our dogs!

    • I skied it yesterday morning. I agree that the northern half of the trail is in fine shape. Unfortunately the first third of the trail from the Nimowin Rd parking lot was loaded with footprints. We encountered 5 people walking and 3 dogs (1 of which was off leash). I spoke to all of them and they all sincerely had no idea they were not supposed to…[Read more]

      • The response from MB Parks was, “we are currently working on a new signage plan for this trail. We’ll pass your comments on to the staff at Birds Hill Provincial Park.”

  • Skied both classic and skate Sunday morning at GB. Classic tracks were excellent, but the skate surface is a bit soft, and hiker’s footprints have pitted the trails closest to the south parking lot. Plenty of snow, lots of people out fatbiking and skiing, and the soft snow was great for those steep downhills!

  • Saturday morning we skijored/kick-sledded with our dogs on a section of the Spruce trail. It was well-packed with a little new snow on top and a few soft areas (mostly in the center), but overall very good conditions for a great skate ski, with occasional debris that was easily avoided. It was first outing of the season for the dogs, and we had…[Read more]

  • Wednesday evening we skied parts of Aspen, Chickadee and Esker. Conditions were excellent, except for a few patches of evergreen debris on Aspen. The Esker hill was fast and fabulous!

  • Sunday afternoon we skied Esker. There were decent tracks set in some places, and sticks poking through or horse hoofprints in other spots…glad for the rock skis. The Esker return hill from the lookout was a treat, as the snow was nice and soft today. A great day for a ski – just need more snow!

  • Wednesday afternoon, about -4C and sunny. We classic skied west Bluestem, part of Aspen and Chickadee. Let’s just say it’s still skiable….icy, shallow and hard, with exposed areas and turns deteriorating. We double-poled most of it. Chickadee was really poor (footprints and bare spots), and southwest Bluestem was the best. Had a short skate-ski…[Read more]

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