Alison Steele

  • Early Sunday afternoon we skied Orange, Green and Yellow. We tried to ski Blue, but it was blown in. At -2C tracks were fast and fun with lots of debris that did not stick to our skis. There were a few sun-drenched areas where the tracks were starting to soften, but there’s still ample snow, and these trails should still be skiable into April.…[Read more]

  • Late Sunday morning we skied Seven Sisters and enjoyed great spring conditions. At -4C it was fast and icy, with shallow classic tracks in a few areas. Thankfully the debris wasn’t sticking to our wax and we all managed to stay upright on the hills. Love this quiet and scenic trail!

  • Wednesday afternoon we skied parts of Lime Kiln, Chickadee and Esker. Yesterday’s debris is covered up by the new snow, and tracks are well skied in. Very good conditions, but not as fast as yesterday.

  • Tuesday afternoon 4:00 Lime Kiln was in good condition…firm and fast with a little debris, mostly avoidable. Heard that debris was a problem on Bluestem today with sticky wax picking up the evergreen litter. This is a good time to use waxless skis if you have them!

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    Sunday we classic skied Pumpkin Creek’s Mystery Tour and Blue Moon. The sunny milder day brought plenty of happy folks out for this event, and the skiing was excellent. The trails were expertly groomed and exciting (always!)…..kudos to the groomers and organizers!

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    Sunday afternoon we spent the afternoon skiing the lovely trails at Bittersweet. The new snow was a blessing on the hills. Met many nice folks doing a great job making skiers feel welcome. Thanks to all the families that work hard to make this a great ski destination. Good job on the poker derby/silent auction, and the chili was delicious!

    • Glad you enjoyed yourself Alison! It was a fun day all around. Nice to see so many smiling faces!

  • Friday afternoon we skijored the north half of Spruce. Seemed like it had been recently groomed, and was in really nice condition. There’s some tree litter, but the trail was hard-packed with good edge.

  • Monday morning classic tracks were excellent – firm and fast with minimal debris. The Group Use Road looked like a lot of skiers had enjoyed it on the weekend, but was also in great shape. Thanks to park staff for Friday’s grooming!

  • Wednesday morning we classic skied freshly groomed trails at GB, and found the tracks were good, but a bit shallow in places. The skate deck was loose and uneven, but the soft snow was beneficial on the hills, and the groomer did a nice job of not tracking the hills. Always enjoyable and exciting!

    • …forgot to mention that the north Beaver Loop is only groomed up to the hut, then snowmobile/skier tracked through the creek and beyond.

  • Thursday late afternoon I was the first ski-jorer on soft corduroy on the north loops of the Spruce Trail. Trail was a bit softer than usual, but great for the dogs, and the forest provided shelter from the nasty wind. Many thanks to park staff for maintaining this great trail!

  • Monday afternoon we skied parts of Chickadee, Esker and west Bluestem. Tracks were firm and fast with excellent conditions. Lots of other skiers out enjoying them too. Thanks to BHP staff!

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    Fantastic ski on the exciting hills of Sandilands Monday afternoon! We skied the green and south leg of the black trail in a counter-clockwise direction… fun! Tracks were very good, although some tree debris, and footprints in the tracks on NE Black. The SW black trail was in better shape, and the views were amazing. Thanks to the Sandilands…[Read more]

  • We skied Lime Kiln on Wednesday afternoon. Despite the chill, the sun was warm and trail condition was excellent, with many other skiers enjoying it too. FYI – Spruce has been groomed for skate skiing.

  • Wednesday early afternoon we tried to ski Bluestem from the stables, but the new snow was sticking to my kick area. We abandoned the ski for a nice walk in the beautiful white wonderland at Cedar Bog. There are several inches of new snow in the park, so hope the groomer can get out soon!

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    Wednesday mid-afternoon we were happy to discover that Esker was groomed. It was double-tracked and in good shape aside from the occasional grassy spots. Lime Kiln was only skier tracked.

  • Thursday noonish we classic skied west Bluestem, and it was a tough slog. With inches of soft new snow, the undefined tracks were slippery. It snowed the entire time we skied, and there was an inch+ in the back of my truck. Back at Chickadee parking lot, we saw a tractor pulling a packing device. It came south off Chickadee and turned east onto…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon we classic skied west Bluestem in a clockwise direction, and were delighted with the trail conditions. Better than expected! Other than some twigs, there is good snow cover, and the tracks are decent, thanks to the first skiers!. A beautiful day to be out with the deer and Chickadees.

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    Friday morning – overcast with frosty trees…so pretty! Bluestem was firm, fast and a bit icy when starting out from the ranch, but softening and slower on the return, with the sun appearing. It seemed the worst part was the windy section between the stables and the tower as the crisp sides were grabbing my wide boots. Many skiers starting out…[Read more]

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    Thursday late morning the classic trails were well skied-in, and still firm but not icy with last night’s snow. I had great glide and kick on skin skis, yet my ski buddy struggled with no kick (-3 to 0 wax). Many human footprints on Chickadee, but overall very good conditions. If everyone can stay off the tracks during the warm afternoons, there…[Read more]

    • Staying off the classic tracks when the temperature is above zero is good advice as the potential for damage is high.

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    Lime Kiln early Monday afternoon – double tracks were wide and a bit sloppy with all the recent skiers that had been on it. Despite the lack of grooming, we had good glide and it was a beautiful day to be outside. Once again those cursed snowmobilers had crossed the trail in several places.

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