Alison Steele

  • Monday morning we skied parts of Lime Kiln and Esker. They’re deteriorating rapidly with the recent warmth, and there were many places where the tracks were flooded or completely gone on one side. Saw a few horse hoof prints, and some riders out, but it was still great to get one more ski in!

  • Thursday 11:30-1:00 – it was snowing when I started, and a light layer had settled in the tracks, but it was still a fast ski. Aside from evergreen debris on the return stretch east of Chickadee, Bluestem was in very good condition, and well skied in by the time I finished.

  • Wednesday afternoon – sad to say the Spruce trail is deteriorating. It was soft/slushy with dirt patches in sun-exposed areas, then rock hard and icy in other areas, not very safe for skate-skiing. There were many dog walkers out. Has anybody been on the classic trails today?

    • Just came back from the fastest conditions of the season on the classic trails starting at noon @ -4 to -1 degrees. The trails were starting to soften up but were still fast.

  • Monday morning – the north portion of Spruce trail was hard and fast for skating, with many footprints (human and dog). Hope the afternoon walkers stayed closer to the edge to keep it skiable for the days ahead. Thanks to everyone for posting helpful reports, to park staff for the wonderful grooming, and especially Kevin for all his hard work!…[Read more]

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    Sunday 11:30-2:30 – fabulous conditions for the first half of our ski, but then it got above zero and sunny; softening the trails and causing sticky snow to gather on the bottom of our skis. There was also slushy ice/water at Green trail’s low spot (west of the big shack) that was dicey to ski through – I got a booter! However, it was well worth…[Read more]

    • Alison:
      If we go earlier enough tomorrow morning to avoid plus temps, do you think it will be too icy on the Green, Grey, and Black hills?

      • Good question Kevin! I don’t have enough experience at Sandilands to know how it’ll set up overnight, but I would avoid the low (flooded) section on Green – it was already pretty wet by 1:30. We didn’t ski the Black loop, but another skier advised us to stay on Green instead as Black was getting too soft by noon. There were several walkers on the…[Read more]

  • Wednesday morning – the Spruce trail would benefit from a grooming before the next warm spell. There’s a good amount of loose snow, and many footprints making it uneven in places.

  • Monday early afternoon – Grand Beach classic tracks had 2-3 cm of new snow, but were in very nice shape. Snow covered most of the debris and slowed us enough to make the most challenging hills less treacherous than usual. We had a great ski with the warm sun shining on us. There’s still plenty of snow…enjoy it while you can!

    • Just want to add to Alison’s comments. There are 4 large boulders poking through the snow so you may not want to use your good skis.

  • Spruce Trail was groomed today (Friday); it’s in good shape with a few softer areas and twigs from the high winds.

  • BHP got at least another inch of new snow overnight, so Tuesday’s ski was much slower. Tree debris is nearly all covered and the classic tracks are all skied in. A beautiful, sunny day!

  • Kudos to BHP staff! They had the SUV damage all fixed and regroomed by noon today (Monday), and classic trails are in great shape. There’s still substantial debris at the trailhead of Esker/Lime Kiln.

  • Skied Blue & Red trails today – other than debris, they’re still in great condition. The worst debris was on the connector trail.

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    Thursday afternoon – still good conditions at Seven Sisters, with the debris being mostly skied in, and a bit icy in places. The hills are fast – be warned!

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    We classic skied Pinawa at noon on Monday, and found the hills on the Red trail too icy, so we skied the Golf Course trail. It was being groomed as we skied, and was in good shape, but fast. All glide and no kick, but a gorgeous day to be out! More snow is needed to make these trails last.

  • Classic trails were all groomed by 3:00 and were fast – they should set up nicely for the weekend. Sadly, there are a few areas beneath large evergreens with thin snow and grass showing through….wish we had more snow!

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    Feb 18 – we classic skied from Woodward’s to the hut, then did the Cottonwood. It was a cold sunny day, and with new snow in the tracks, it was slow going with some blown-in areas. Beautiful terrain that never disappoints – thanks to the dedicated folks that maintain these lovely trails!

  • Saturday morning – the Spruce trail had been beautifully groomed on Friday; however since then a vehicle has traveled along the entire length, creating tire grooves – some as deep as 3″. There’s also lots of tree debris from the high winds, but easy enough to avoid when skate skiing.

  • Sunday and Monday the classic tracks were in excellent shape with some new snow covering the trail debris. I heard that the Spruce trail did not get groomed on Friday.

  • Thursday morning Grand Beach classic tracks were slow with newer snow. We were nearly finished, and coming up the “cardiac hill” climb when the groomer came down the hill. Sure hope the groomer was able to smooth out the big divots caused by walkers at the beginning – looked rough for skating!

  • On Tuesday at noon our group skied all four amazing loops of this wonderful single classic trail system. Tracks are in great shape and so sheltered from the wind…..a perfect day to be out! Thanks to the Nilsson family for their excellent care and grooming – sure love these trails!

  • Friday at noon I skijored part of the Spruce Trail, and was happy to see it had been freshly groomed. It was a nice combed surface, perfect bite for skate-skiing, with just a few softer or leafy areas. It could still use more snow pack for this trail to be amazing; but it was a delightful ski; and my dogs loved it too! Many thanks to the groomer!

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