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  • Monday morning we skijored & kicksledded the north loop of Spruce. It’s nicely packed for skating, with a few human footprints…very good conditions overall on a beautiful day with our dogs!

    • I skied it yesterday morning. I agree that the northern half of the trail is in fine shape. Unfortunately the first third of the trail from the Nimowin Rd parking lot was loaded with footprints. We encountered 5 people walking and 3 dogs (1 of which was off leash). I spoke to all of them and they all sincerely had no idea they were not supposed to…[Read more]

      • The response from MB Parks was, “we are currently working on a new signage plan for this trail. We’ll pass your comments on to the staff at Birds Hill Provincial Park.”

  • Skied both classic and skate Sunday morning at GB. Classic tracks were excellent, but the skate surface is a bit soft, and hiker’s footprints have pitted the trails closest to the south parking lot. Plenty of snow, lots of people out fatbiking and skiing, and the soft snow was great for those steep downhills!

  • Saturday morning we skijored/kick-sledded with our dogs on a section of the Spruce trail. It was well-packed with a little new snow on top and a few soft areas (mostly in the center), but overall very good conditions for a great skate ski, with occasional debris that was easily avoided. It was first outing of the season for the dogs, and we had…[Read more]

  • Wednesday evening we skied parts of Aspen, Chickadee and Esker. Conditions were excellent, except for a few patches of evergreen debris on Aspen. The Esker hill was fast and fabulous!

  • Sunday afternoon we skied Esker. There were decent tracks set in some places, and sticks poking through or horse hoofprints in other spots…glad for the rock skis. The Esker return hill from the lookout was a treat, as the snow was nice and soft today. A great day for a ski – just need more snow!

  • Wednesday afternoon, about -4C and sunny. We classic skied west Bluestem, part of Aspen and Chickadee. Let’s just say it’s still skiable….icy, shallow and hard, with exposed areas and turns deteriorating. We double-poled most of it. Chickadee was really poor (footprints and bare spots), and southwest Bluestem was the best. Had a short skate-ski…[Read more]

  • Wednesday evening 7:30, I skied Chickadee, parts of Bluestem and Aspen. Chickadee was iciest and fastest, but getting sloppy in places, and had many footprints near the parking lot. Aspen was still in decent shape, so was west Bluestem….better conditions than I expected, good snow cover and no bare patches. Saw 7 deer at the trailhead!

  • Late Monday morning Spruce trail was hard packed but softening in the sun. There is sufficient snow cover, but the south section nearest to the trailhead at Nimowin was in bad shape due to horse hooves leaving big divots and horsepoop melting the trail. The northern section was better, but snowmobiles have been on it, creating chunky areas. Still…[Read more]

  • Thursday afternoon we skied at Kildonan Golf Course. It had been recently groomed, and was in nice shape, although a little soft in places.

  • Early Saturday afternoon we classic skied most of the Grand Beach trails. The tracks were firm and fast, but the skate surface is thinning and starting to deteriorate in areas with sun exposure. We avoided the north Beaver Pond loop, as there was dirt showing through. It was a great ski, but more snow would improve conditions.

  • Great moonlit ski on Wednesday night! With -5C, fantastic glide and good kick, it was easy going. We found no evidence of the horse damage on Bluestem, and the return Esker hill was fast, soft and fun. Thanks to BHP park staff for a great job maintaining the trails this season!

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    We had glorious glide on Green, Grey and Purple today. There is plenty of snow, including some fresh stuff that made for safe downhills. The trails were well skied-in and in fabulous shape except for a flooded low-lying area along the green-purple trail, west of the new warming shack. Always a treat to ski at these beautiful hilly trails!

  • Friday afternoon we skijored and kick-sledded on the Spruce Trail. It had been recently groomed and was in pristine shape. With the warmth of the sun, the corduroy surface was the perfect softness for skate skiing, and we did not encounter any soft spots…..many thanks to the groomer!

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    Monday afternoon – we classic skied Seven Sisters and Pinawa’s Red trail. Both trails were in very nice condition with good glide and minimal debris….a great day to be out!

  • On Sunday we skijored and kick-sledded on the far loop of the Spruce trail. It had not been recently groomed, but was in fantastic shape for skate-skiing and sledding with a light layer of powdery snow. Many members of the Snow Motion group were also using the trail, and we were happy to see that there were no snowmobile tracks.

  • Feb 15-16 We classic and skate skied the beautiful, hilly trails at Falcon Ridge. Craig and Ryan had the trails groomed to perfection, including the High Lake crossing. We had a lovely stay at the Falcon Trails Resort….many thanks to Barb and Craig for their wonderful hospitality!

  • Saturday afternoon there were many skiers out enjoying the trails. Esker is also now groomed and in beautiful shape as are all classic trails. Lots of deer at Chickadee trailhead… tame! Friday afternoon we skijored and kick-sledded on the new Spruce trail. It was nicely groomed with just a few soft spots, and no snowmobile tracks. Kudos to…[Read more]

  • Fresh grooming early this afternoon on Chickadee and Bluestem…..excellent conditions! Group Use skate trail was pristine corduroy. Although we didn’t see the groomer, we assume he was completing the entire trail system.

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    We skied the lovely trails at Agassiz today (Sunday)…’s always a pleasure to ski these quiet trails in the woods. A little debris from wind in the evergreens, but otherwise the single set of tracks were well-skied in and in good shape. More snow there than in Winnipeg.

  • Thursday afternoon I skijored the north portion of the Spruce trail. With a dusting of new snow, it was nicely packed, with a few sticks poking through on the far northwest loop. I didn’t notice any signs discouraging motorized traffic, and there was evidence of snowmobiles in the last few days that had entered at the northwest corner of the park.…[Read more]

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