Alison Steele

  • Sunday afternoon we skied the quiet forested trails at Pine Falls. There was a skiff of new snow over hard-packed crusty tracks, and evergreen debris on some sections, but overall good. The new snow helped somewhat on the hilly sections, but snowplowing was difficult with the icy surface beneath.

  • Warm Sunday! We skied at challenging Alfred Hole, then the tamer Inverness Falls trails. Inverness had a few footprints, pine needles and sticks poking through, but overall good conditions at both. South Whiteshell trails could use more snow as there are rocks and bare patches here and there.

  • Late Wednesday afternoon I skijored the Spruce Trail. There are many footprints near the Nimowin parking loop, but they diminish further north. It really could use a grooming as there’s too much loose snow to get a good V stride going. Would have been a tough slog if not for my young dog’s strength/energy! However, the sun was warm and it was…[Read more]

  • Wednesday morning -4C and windy, with great glide and excellent conditions on Lime Kiln. Errant snowmobiles had crossed the ski tracks in a couple of open spots, but no damage was done.

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    Tuesday afternoon we had an exciting ski on blue, green (English River) and part of red. Red had been more recently groomed, but classic tracks were not as deep as blue/green. Red’s skate deck is in fine shape with just a few V’s. Overall, classic tracks were very good with only a couple of exposed rock areas – a bit more snow would help. Blue was…[Read more]

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    Lunch time on Monday BHP was fairly busy with skiers, but the classic trails are holding up well with a solid base. Other than a few sloppy areas, Chickadee and Aspen were very good. GUR looked like it had seen plenty of skiers on the weekend. Was nice to see someone patrolling at the parking lot, and there are less walkers on the ski trails -…[Read more]

  • Sunday afternoon classic tracks were in very nice shape, with about an inch of soft new snow making the wildest hills safer. The skate deck was pitted with footprints, ruts, and soft spots….not great. However, it was a beautiful day with fresh snow falling out of the trees…lovely! Lots of folks out.

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    Despite the cold weather, we classic skied Tuesday/Wednesday in Riding Mountain Park. Trails were all very good with a nice base and plenty of snow; but Edwards Creek was in the best shape.
    Thursday afternoon we skied at Neepawa – tracks were pretty good, and they have added lots of helpful signage, however there is a lack of snow and too many…[Read more]

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    We had a wonderful classic ski on the blue, green and part of the red trails early Saturday afternoon. While there was a light new snowfall on all of green (English River); blue and red were well skied in with great glide. The soft conditions made for safer downhills, and it wasn’t busy until later. The trees were beautifully coated in white and…[Read more]

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    Saturday afternoon Sandilands was very busy with skiers of all ages. The trees were beautifully laden with frost and snow, and the trails were expertly groomed, although a bit thin on some hills (more snow please!). We then skied the yellow and blue trails at popular Quarry Oaks, and found the grooming to be near perfect. Lots of skiers out today…[Read more]

  • We skied Bluestem early Tuesday afternoon. The tracks are sloppy from so much use, especially on corners and hills, but it’s still very good skiing. Let’s all do the snow dance, and hope for no rain!

  • Saturday afternoon we classic skied at Larters. Trails had been recently groomed, but tracks were very shallow due to the minimal snow base. Then we drove up to Petersfield to ski the trails on Netley Creek. Classic tracks vary from excellent to non-existent as there is so much (friendly) traffic on the waterway (snowmobiles, quads, trucks,…[Read more]

  • Thanks to the groomer for the excellent fresh grooming on Spruce. Conditions were optimal for skijoring with my dog Friday morning.

  • Saturday morning – had a fabulous ski on Lime Kiln and Esker…conditions are very good, even though the trails are well-used….busy place!! Thanks to Park Staff for the extra signage at park gates and trailheads telling hikers which trails are designated for walking. We only saw one hiker, but she kept off the ski tracks.

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    Thursday afternoon we enjoyed the trails at Seven Sisters, then the longer loop at Otter Falls. Both were in very nice shape, but had a few sticks/twigs coming up through the tracks. There’s plenty of snow and more skiers than usual, but once you’re on the trail you don’t see many folks.

  • Monday afternoon we classic skied parts of Aspen, Chickadee, and Esker. All the classic trails had been packed but only skier tracked. When we left at 4:00, GUR skate trail had not been packed, so I assume the same for Spruce trail. There are many people out walking, especially near the Chickadee trailhead. We found Esker to be decent, and Lime…[Read more]