Windsor Park Nordic Centre

  • Everything groomed this morning. Conditions are perfect. Enjoy!

  • Classic ski green trail this late morning: trail is a bit broken with some bare patches under the trees with grass showing.
    Windsor Park nordic center: is it possible to post signs about one way trails? People seem to go all over the place without direction. Or is this ok? Just annoying to get off the track… Thanks

  • 9AM skate ski in WP this morning. Good conditions, a little slow for a skate this morning maybe due to the light snow last night but should be good by now with the amount of people I saw coming in to the parking lot when I finished. Great job to the WP staff as the trails look great! Fun outing.

  • I had a great classic ski today! Tracks are holding up well everywhere. We really can use some more snow. Get out in these amazing conditions if you can!

  • From Friederike von Aweyden:
    The trails are alive and well… Excellent ski conditions and well groomed trails this afternoon. Marvel at the few grassy sections (about 5%) and remember those poor golfers in their off season. Thank you to all, who worked hard to improve the trail infrastructure, routes and lighting. I loved the ice bar and hot tub…[Read more]

  • All trails groomed and ready for you! Watch for some icy sections in wind swept areas. Otherwise, things are looking great and we hope you enjoy!
    Please remember to keep 2m away from each other – on trail and in the parking lot. The clubhouse is not open and there are no warming fires being lit during Code Red:Critical.

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 4 months ago

    Whats the punishment for skiing without a pass? Cant get a pass because I have no printer or means to pay online. Was this even thought out before? Come on WP people, you had a few months to figure out how to do this for those of us who pay cash every year.

    • You may send us a cheque for a season pass. Payable to “CCSAM” 145 Pacific Ave. Wpg, MB R3B 2Z6. We will send you a pass by return mail. Thank you for supporting our nordic centre. We hope you have an enjoyable ski season.

  • john kim posted an update in the group Group logo of Windsor Park Nordic CentreWindsor Park Nordic Centre 4 months ago

    skate skied all of windsor park earlier today (tuesday). snow is soft but very skiable. put away the rock skis. blue-green-everywhere has complete coverage. grooming will start soon after the expected dump n’ blow about to beset upon us (laurie penton). conditions should be faboo thursday (?) xmas for sure. merry xmas everyone

  • Happy Solstice everyone! We are so excited to see all of this SNOW! And more is coming tomorrow. Please be patient as we continue to groom, groom, groom! Check back here on Wednesday for updates. If we get the 20cm predicted tomorrow it will be a good 10 hours of grooming to get up and running.
    Remember, we are in Code Red so the clubhouse is…[Read more]

  • Still NOT OPEN but as promised, our scenario plan and Covid protocol is posted on our Covid webpage:
    Stay safe and be well everyone!

  • Hello ski friends, we miss you! We need a lot more snow before we start skiing here. Will we open this winter? It’s complicated. We will groom ski trails so long as cross country skiing remains an allowable activity as per the current Public Health Order. We have a Covid Protocol in place for the Nordic Centre. We cannot open the building or…[Read more]