Wildwood Community Centre

  • Classic at Wildwood this evening at 630 PM.. classic trails are shallow, blown in at times.. drifting in other places. Very slow conditions.. track is firm, but poling was very soft alot of times. Skate trail has blown in areas as well.. overall its like that super hard pack sand papery drift where no mater what you do…. you aren’t gliding…

  • “Late Breaking News”…. The Wildwood Community Centre and golf course were groomed Thursday morning (thanks Jim) and are in great condition. It’s not too late to support the trails-an initiative between the community centre and Saint-John’s Ravenscourt school. Pick up a donation envelope at the trail heads.

  • The Wildwood trails have been groomed and await your skis. Thank you to all who have supported the trails by donating generously to the community centre. You can still pick up an envelope at the trail head(s) for details.

  • Stopped by Wildwood today to see what the damage was everyone was talking about… I didnt venture far (and I didnt actually see the damage), but its very drifted in.. looks like one person attempted to skate then gave up (I would have too) The snow has that hard, cold, sand paper look to it… for anyone going out this weekend… you are braver…[Read more]

  • Classic skied all loops (SJR, Main golf course and North side of the service road) on Saturday. Tracks are in good shape although old and transformed. Wax for considerably warmer conditions. (I used Swix V20 despite it being -28˚C.) Still lots of base damage risk from very icy ruts left behind by construction. Skate skied today: trail is packed…[Read more]

  • Skate skied last night. Trails are packed very very hard and it can be difficult to edge and get good kick. Also, I’m usually very forgiving of rougher trails, but after a beautiful weekend, the skate trail has been absolutely destroyed in parts by pedestrians. There are also a number of place where the trail has been disturbed due to construction…[Read more]

  • Lastnite classic skiing at Wildwood, one of the people in our group lost their S6 Phone (Black in color) We think it might be in the area of the slight downhill of the trails at the North Drive/Oakenwald parking lot.. if anyone finds it please contact Woodcock Cycle Works.. Thanks

  • Never been here yet.
    Is there indoor place to put on boots etc? How long is the trail.
    How does it compare to Windsor Park Golf Carts which is the only place I have been too?

    • No indoor place that I know of or have ever seen. It’s flatter than Windsor. At one point you may have to cross the road to access other trails there.

  • Hi all. Jim is now (Sunday afternoon) grooming the Wildwood trails. Have fun!

  • Skiied at Wildwood last night and the trails are great for classes and marginal for skate with new snow. Wondering if the admin for this have a suggestion for what one would pay for a season membership? I would rather just put in one donation to keep administrative time down and I don’t carry cash very often…wondering if I’ve missed a suggested…[Read more]

  • The trails were groomed this am. Skate track looks great, the classic trails have grass/leaves showing in some spots but good conditions overall.