Whiteshell Provincial Park

  • Hi there!
    We are heading out to Westhawk lake this weekend. Does anyone have any thoughts about trails and conditions? Is there a trail map for that area?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

  • Otter Falls trails were in good condition overall today. I skied out to the cabin (which is closed of course for COVID) then around the 3km loop. They appear to have been groomed Friday Jan 15.

  • From Al Stewart on Saturday:
    West Hawk to Faloma is beautifully groomed. There was a decent snowfall here the other day so the trails are a bit soft. A wonderful winter scene of snow covered Jack Pine and Spruce on the edge of two new chiseled diagonal tracks. The weekend may bring many walkers.

  • Skied Alfred Hole yesterday. Track is set but a lot of twigs, grass, rocks in several places. Trail not mowed ahead of time so a lot of vegetation in several places. With warm weather yesterday south facing areas will have lost a lot of snow. Take your rock skies..

  • Thursday afternoon we enjoyed the trails at Seven Sisters, then the longer loop at Otter Falls. Both were in very nice shape, but had a few sticks/twigs coming up through the tracks. There’s plenty of snow and more skiers than usual, but once you’re on the trail you don’t see many folks.

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    How are the conditions from westhawk to falcon lake?

  • Took a ski through Otter Falls on Dec 22nd. Trails were not groomed but luckily someone had been by on skis earlier that day and had made some tracks. Gorgeous 7k route with some tricky hills and terrain. However, as we ended our run the snow began to come down quite heavy, likely different conditions now.