Whitemouth River

  • January 10 update: Red/River route and east side of Blue/Bog route is flattened from hikers, but flattened uniformly so it’s still skiable, just not tracks. The entire west loop of Blue/Bog, and Yellow/Pine are good though grown in, but no hikers/snowshoers.

  • Dec. 31 Most of RED and some of BLUE trails trampled by walkers.

  • 1. South end of Blue/Bog Loop is grown in so twiggy and narrow. Still lovely if you don’t mind that.
    2. Red/River route has some significant ATV damage in some spots be forewarned. And an exciting turn close to the river bank that you don’t want to fall off the edge of! 🙂 It’s just past the warm up shack (remember closed due to covid).
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