Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

  • 13 Charleswood Ski Club members are skiing at Turtle Mountain this weekend. On Saturday, we were fortunate that the temperature was just below zero to near zero, so the icy snow was softish in many places. Where it was hard-icy, it was treacherous.
    Thursday’s grooming was a half trail width, which including one classic track. The classic tracks…[Read more]

  • There is thick hoar frost on every tree. Skate and classic trails are freshly groomed. Beautiful skiing.

  • Skied the eastern-ish trails and enjoyed seeing the James Lake Cabin for the first time. I’ve never skied there and the trails were absolutely amazing. Impeccably groomed, scenic and lots of rolling hills.Well done to the Provincial Park staff and local Turtle Mountain Nordic Ski Club. Fellow skiers were super friendly. Trails are a bit chunky i…[Read more]