Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

  • 24 Charleswood Ski Club members classic skied at Turtle Mountain Provincial Park today (Saturday) … and will also be skiing there tomorrow.
    Grooming is excellent. Members who hadn’t ever skied at Turtle Mountain before commented positively on the the rolling terrain and the park’s beauty, which was enhanced by the thick hoar frost on the…[Read more]

  • The fresh snow and especially the blow all but obliterated the ski tracks from the last grooming. But when they next groom, it will be fantastic! All the snow you could ask for. We tracked in everything but the westernmost and southernmost trails, but they may drift in pretty quick.

    We really appreciated all the new upgrades at James Lake. The…[Read more]

  • A skiff of new snow on a hard crusty base made skate skiing fast and fun. The classic tracks also worked well for us.

  • Lots of snow at Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. The groomer was out before 9 am today packing down and tracking the trails for
    both Classic and skate. We classic skied using skins skis to the James Lake cabin. The trail was only recently packed down beyond
    there. We then skied on the Dunseith trail to the Adam lake cabin where the grooming…[Read more]

  • The trails were packed and track set for both classic and skating last week and they are both in very good shape. The classic tracks are still well defined and the skate portion had maybe an inch of snow on top but still very doable. Some of the skate only trails looked like they had fresh grooming. There are some leaves and twigs on the trail…[Read more]