Spruce Woods Provincial Park

  • From John on January 3:
    Spruce Woods Epinette trail completely destroyed by hikers

  • On Friday afternoon, Manitoba Parks posted on Facebook:
    Birds Hill, Beaudry, and Spruce Woods trails are freshly groomed and in excellent condition for the weekend!

  • All trails groomed Feb 25th per province’s interactive report.

  • Big fluffy snow was falling heavily when we arrived at Seton this morning. Tracks were buried and soon you couldn’t see or even feel them at all. But the glide was surprisingly good, considering we were breaking trail. Take care in the parking lot and around the trailheads: it’s ice underneath this new snow. No ice on the trails, but the base was…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the last update, Elise. No glide on that trek sounds like a slog!

    As of the afternoon of Thurs, Feb 10th, the Province reports last grooming of Epinette was Feb 9th, while Seton, Yellow Quill, and Kiche Manitou trails were Friday, Feb 4th. I’m hopeful that the last group will be touched up before the weekend!

  • Skied Epinette and Newfoundland trails this past weekend to spend Saturday night at Jackfish Cabin.

    Trails were apparently last groomed January 26th: untouched since then due to a broken groomer. Multiple snowfalls (and lots of deer activity) had almost completely obscured any prior tracks. So we were breaking our own trail through deep snow. It…[Read more]

  • Feb 6, 2021 – Skied Seton Trails over about 4″ of lighter snow; renewed the track as well as a couple of skiers can. The hills are lots of fun, and these trails deserve much more traffic! It is worth a 2 hour drive. The main cabin at Seton is in fantastic condition with a nearby outhouse; secondary cabin at the far point of the trails is…[Read more]

  • To save folks a few clicks, the province’s interactive map shows Jan 26th grooming on Epinette, and Jan 27th grooming on Seton, Yellow Quill and Kiche Manitou trails…should be great for the weekend if there is limited new snow between now and then.