Riding Mountain National Park

  • Skied RMNP on Dec 22nd and found a good base of snow. Hilton had good conditions, although plenty of debris (leaves / needles / cone scales / seeds) on the trail. There are some mowed (but not mowed short enough) brushy stems to dodge, as well intact stems growing mid-trail to whip your inner thighs. However, twig conditions were better than this…[Read more]

  • My friend has told me:
    The road from the currently abandoned Warden Station to the Deep Lake campground in RMNP has been packed and tracked by Dave Juce from Hamiota and a neighbour. The classic track has a few cm of new snow which has been skied in on top of a hard set track. It is in very good condition and rock skies aren’t required. The a…[Read more]