Riding Mountain National Park

  • Classic skied Wasagaming Campground, town connector and South Lake trails today. Great blue wax day. Looks like the new snow late last week was groomed and track set and the snow from yesterday was well skied in. Lots of walkers on South Lake to Ominik Marsh, and mostly keeping off the classic tracks. Plenty of snow for full depth classic tracks…[Read more]

  • Classic skied the Compound and Lake Katherine trails this morning. Freshly tracked trails through snow covered trees. Can’t think of a better way to spend a morning. There is lots of evidence of wildlife in the area with interesting “dining” spots and lots of tracks.
    There are few thin spots on the trails but it’s very easy to step out of…[Read more]

  • We classic skied the Moose Lake trail this afternoon. It was a beautiful ski through the hoar frost covered forest. There was plenty of snow. The tracks have seen quite a bit of skiers, and could benefit from another grooming, but nevertheless, it was still a wonderful ski. Thanks to the Moose Lake ski club for grooming this beautiful trail.

  • Classic and skate skied the Deep Lake road this morning. The double classic tracks were pristine. Firm, fast, and zero debris. Lots of snow cover. Likely the best classic ski conditions we have seen this winter.
    The skate skiing was very good as well, although there was sometimes a small ridge running down the middle of the skate path.…[Read more]

  • Beach Ridges seemed to have better snow coverage than Broadleaf. Nice firm classic track with much less woody debris poking through compared to Broadleaf. However, this trail is seeing lots of foot traffic, and many are walking right on the tracks. It was still a very fun ski, and the firm tracks are holding up despite the heavy foot traffic.

  • Broadleaf could use some more snow. The track is firm and fast but there was a lot of short roots and thick weeds poking through the tracks. We had to step out frequently to avoid these, and some rocks.

  • The Edwards Creek trail was in good condition this afternoon. Firm tracks, and fast conditions. Encountered many walkers but at least they were staying off the groomed track. The only rough section was the bog crossing near the end of the loop. The tall reed stalks can really stop a ski so be careful on the short crossing.

  • Skied the Crawford creek trail this afternoon. The classic track is firm but there is a lot of tree debris that has fallen onto the tracks. The fallen leaves made it easier to grip going uphill, and actually did not cause us any problems descending. What a fast and fun descent we had.

  • Skied the Hilton trail this morning. It is in really good condition. Minimal debris on the firm classic track. Just had to step out of the track a couple of times to avoid pine cones.

  • We skied the Grey Owl trail on the afternoon of Jan 6. Despite the RM trail report classifying the trail in poor condition, we were pleasantly surprised. Likely the first km was definitely in poor condition and necessitated stepping out of the tracks a lot to avoid numerous debris. The trail has seen a lot of foot traffic up until the first…[Read more]

  • ZN posted an update in the group Group logo of Riding Mountain National ParkRiding Mountain National Park 11 months ago

    Skied the Edward’s Creek trail yesterday and it’s in fabulous condition. I passed skiers coming from the Northgate trails and they said those trails are groomed too.
    Beach Ridges is not groomed, but enough people have used the same tracks to make it pretty easy to follow.

  • From Pam Little on Monday morning:
    Trails on east side of RMNP are in good shape groomed and track set. Both Oak Ridge and lower Bald Hill trails are track set and in good early season condition.

  • Skied most of Hilton Saturday afternoon/evening. Still more snow needed but there was enough to have an enjoyable outing on rock skis. Wouldn’t advise taking your nice skis out just quite yet. Skied over the odd branch and pieces of vegetation poking through the snow that has fallen. Trail was partially skier-tracked and we continued on past w…[Read more]

  • From Pam Little on Saturday October 24:
    We are waiting for snow on the east side of Riding Mountain National Park. Dead Ox Trailblazers are members of the Riding Mountain Trail Stewards who organize the volunteer grooming of trails in RMNP.
    Dead Ox Trailblazers volunteer to regularly groom the following trails in RMNP:
    Oak Ridge, Scott Creek,…[Read more]