Riding Mountain National Park

  • From Clarke Wilkie on Saturday evening:
    Hilton trail was great – small amount of debris, mostly spruce needles, and a few icy patches under spruce trees, but firm sidewalls and base this morning. No bald patches and the creek still frozen. I am not sure if others are up this way but as of today it was a great ski with fantastic glide in but still…[Read more]

  • From Pam Little on Wednesday afternoon:
    Trails in RMNP on the east side like lower Bald Hill and Oak Ridge are in great shape and track set. If you are looking for quiet trails (we are serious as you will hardly ever meet anyone) with some awesome views come to our side of the park. The Agassiz road is plowed and cleared regularly. There are a…[Read more]

  • Skied RMNP on Dec 22nd and found a good base of snow. Hilton had good conditions, although plenty of debris (leaves / needles / cone scales / seeds) on the trail. There are some mowed (but not mowed short enough) brushy stems to dodge, as well intact stems growing mid-trail to whip your inner thighs. However, twig conditions were better than this…[Read more]

  • My friend has told me:
    The road from the currently abandoned Warden Station to the Deep Lake campground in RMNP has been packed and tracked by Dave Juce from Hamiota and a neighbour. The classic track has a few cm of new snow which has been skied in on top of a hard set track. It is in very good condition and rock skies aren’t required. The a…[Read more]