Riding Mountain National Park

  • From Esther MacKinlay:

    Friday 8 March — skied Grey Owl trail. Groomed for classic all the way to the cabin. Sometimes double tracked. Track firm and fast but not icy. Some tree debris and lots of animal prints on the trail but these did not hamper our wonderful ski.

    Sunday 10 March — skied the Riding Mountain Compound trail and around Lake…[Read more]

  • Oak Ridge Trails (both loops) and Bald Hill trail from the original trail head are in good shape. Both track set. Both are nicely sheltered trails so on these cold days you can feel quite comfortable.

  • Hi all, Yes, Whirlpool Lake campground and road are open again for the winter! Please keep in mind:
    · Whirlpool Lake Road is a wilderness trail during the winter; you can hike, snowshoe, ski or fat bike it, but no vehicle access.
    · Ice-fishing is not permitted on Whirlpool Lake.
    · It hasn’t been decided yet if the area will…[Read more]

  • We skied a couple laps of the Wasagaming Campground trail this afternoon and overall conditions were pretty good. We were on skins at +2C, but other skiers reported good grip with a red grip wax. The classic tracks were firm for the most part and other than in the heavy spruce forest, there was no debris in the tracks. The ski experience would be…[Read more]

  • Skied the Ochre River Trail over NYE. One might assume that the $85 one pays to book Cairns Cabin for a night might cover at least one pass with a groomer before the end of December, but one would be mistaken: apparently the Park doesn’t maintain these trails in winter any longer, and the volunteers had not been out yet. The posted trail…[Read more]

  • Great early season classic ski conditions at Hilton. Ski to the end/hydro line. Fresh snow and frost clinging to the forest made for a magnificent albeit cold -27 degrees C morning ski .

  • We skied the Grey Owl trail on Sunday (Dec 23). There was about 3 cm of new snow on top of the previously packed trail. Footing under the new snow was somewhat uneven and the trail needs to be trackset now.

  • From Esther MacKinlay:
    We classic skied the Deep Lake trail all the way to the Bob Hill picnic site. The trail was recently groomed for both skate and classic to the Deep Lake campsite. Older grooming for both techniques further on to the Central trail junction, and then just packed onward to Bob Hill. Overall, we had a magnificent ski using our…[Read more]

  • From Olivier Durand, Parks Canada:
    Lower Bald Hill is machine packed. The Lower Bald Hill section (3 km one way) starts at the old Bald/Packhorse/Jet trail head and ends where the steeper part of the trail begins.

  • Brian posted an update in the group Group logo of Riding Mountain National ParkRiding Mountain National Park 9 months ago

    Excellent early season conditions on the Deep Lake trail. Freshly track set and skate packed to Deep Lake. Slightly older track set beyond to the Central Trail junction.

  • From Elise Watchorn:
    Skied six of the trails at Riding Mountain this weekend. The 16km Hilton was trackset and absolutely heavenly. Wasagaming and Edwards Creek were snowmobile packed and quite nice; Grey Owl and Broadleaf were also packed and decent. Kinosao (is this even a ski trail?) was neither tracked nor packed, but we enjoyed our adventure…[Read more]

  • From David Juce:
    Deep Lake has been tracked for classic x-country skiing from the RMNP boundary to the Bob Hill junction which makes it a little more than 10 kilometers in length if you go all the way to Bob Hill for a total of a 20k+ round trip. We also put a trail into the Deep Lake campground (4 kilos in) so you can use the washrooms or have a…[Read more]

  • From Olivier Durand, Parks Canada:
    Hi everyone.
    We now have a good base topped with about 6-7 inches of fluffy snow, no bare spots, so conditions are great if you don’t mind breaking your own trail.
    Trailheads have been plowed along Hwy10.
    Hwy 19 is open and has been plowed too.
    Note that the weekly trail report e-mail will resume as soon as t…[Read more]