Riding Mountain National Park

  • Skied several south trails in RMNP lFriday last week – grooming appears to take place Thur & Friday; online grooming report describes which trail are groomed, and date (appears remote trails are notgroomed as regularly). The grooming was excellent. “Return trails” are double tracked; and direction of travel is clearly marked on one-way trails.And…[Read more]

  • Spring conditions on the Mountain this weekend. Icy in spots but a good base layer settling in for the winter. Skied Katherine/Compound on Sunday. Great skiing in the straight aways. More snow inbound.

  • Friends reported that the groomer came along just as they were finishing the Compound Trail yesterday afternoon. Trails in that area should be freshly groomed for today!

  • The Oak Ridge loops were groomed yesterday. They’ve received some snowfall since then, but considerably less than other trails in the vicinity. They were skier tracked by one person sometime before the snow stopped, and then again by us afterward. Definitely in the best condition of any of the east side trails today. Lovely views of piercing b…[Read more]

  • Lake Katherine was skier tracked.

    The lot to North Escarpment was not yet ploughed (although 19 was fine), and we didn’t see any ski tracks heading in.

    Lower Bald Hill was apparently groomed yesterday, although you wouldn’t have known it to see it with all the fresh snow. The beginning of the trail was skier tracked, then heavily trampled by dee…[Read more]

  • Crawford Creek had just barest suggestion of old tracks visible today. Fluffy snow was falling heavily, so ours will be filled in in no time. The day was warm and the snow was sticky as glue. Hundreds of windfall branches covered the trail, as well as a couple of downed trees: we cleared them as best we could. We followed the very fresh tracks of…[Read more]

  • Today we skied the 11.2km Moose Lake Trail, right at the extreme SW tip of the park. A lovely forest trail, especially beautiful today with hoarfrost on tall trees.

    Ski conditions were not bad at all: it hasn’t been groomed for at least a week and several snowfalls… but it’s been well skied, so tracks are holding up decently although pole plant…[Read more]

  • The Grey Owl trail was likely just tracked this morning. They double track set classic tracks all the way to the Grey Owl cabin. The grooming was excellent. Firm tracks. Very little debris. It was an absolute pleasure to ski on these tracks in a winter wonderland. Thanks to the groomer! Great work.