Riding Mountain National Park

  • From Corey Mohr:
    Today, April 2nd RMNP has good spring skiing (until the weather warms) and some sections are melting but the snow cover is fine. Trails are skier tracked as the park received some fresh snow since the last update. Skied on a Grey Owl and Katherine-Compound which were skier tracked and Cairns Cabin was totally tour skiing. Nice…[Read more]

  • I skied Compound and Lake Katherine today (Saturday) with recently set firm tracks and very good conditions. Park staff have started prepping the course for the Riding Mountain Loppet now two weeks away (March 10) and if the long-range weather forecast holds out conditions should be great for the loppet.…[Read more]

  • Feb 3 skied Grey Owl – generally easy skiing with very few hills. Had previously been tracked but small amount of fresh snow. Great condition and enjoyable cold sunny day.

  • On Friday and Saturday (Jan 5/6) a group of us skied Crawford Creek, Compound East, Wasagaming Campground and South Lake. Crawford hadn’t been groomed for a while but the skied-in tracks were in good shape and skis were running fast considering the -16C temp. Compound, Wasagaming Campground and South Lake were groomed on Friday and were generally…[Read more]

  • From Clarke Wilkie:
    Here are two pics of packed and skied-in trail in Wasagaming. Some Otentiks are winterized and one could set off out the door. An option for those keen to get a few km in while waiting for snow in…[Read more]

  • Trails in RMNP are in good shape this week. Oak Ridge near McCreary is excellent and has a good track set for both the 3.4 km and 6.4 km trails. Trails off #10 & 19 are good after our snow last week. Looking for good skiing then join us in the park. – Pam

  • Today, Saturday Feb 18th, classic skied the Wasagaming townsite trails (Campground, town connector and South Lake). The Campground was in the best shape with mostly full depth tracks consisting of icy sections, some areas with untransformed snow and soft mush on the south exposed areas. South Lake was similar but the townsite connector was mainly…[Read more]

  • Skied the Compound Trail this afternoon (Sunday) and conditions were very nice; likely the same for most of southern Manitoba. The track was set Friday after 5 cm of new snow and tracks were mostly firm with some uneven side-hilling on sections of the trail. Walkers had their way with the last 2 km of the trail but they did keep off the tracks for…[Read more]

  • The skating rink and trail is now open with lights set up in the trees for night skating.
    La patinoire est maintenant ouverts avec des lumières dans les arbres pour le patinage de nuit.

    Friends of Riding Mountain and RMNP have teamed up to offer some winter outings. Check out the interpretive offer: here
    Les Amis du Parc National du Mont…[Read more]