McCreary (Dead Ox Trailblazers)

  • Trails will be groomed and track set again tomorrow March 12th. We track Oak Ridge, Scott Creek and Lower Bald Hill on the east side of RMNP. Parks Canada is keeping the road #19 from Wasagaming area plowed and sanded this winter so don’t be afraid to drive to our side of the park for some great ski conditions.

  • (Posted this on the RMNP page; guess it better belongs here.)

    Lower Bald Hill was apparently groomed yesterday, although you wouldn’t have known it to see it with all the fresh snow. The beginning of the trail was skier tracked, then heavily trampled by deer using those ski tracks as a freeway, then skier tracked again by us. So the base is a…[Read more]

  • We are experiencing beautiful ski days out here on the east side of RMNP and on our golf course. Only a sciff of new snow since Christmas but the tracks are still in good condition. If you are coming to ski here consider making a day of it and go beyond Oak Ridge to the Agassiz Recreation area which is the former Agassiz Ski Hill where you will…[Read more]

  • Oak Ridge Trail (rated Blue) and Lower Bald Hill trail (rated Green) are groomed and track set. Both trails are in excellent condition after our first real taste of winter. Sort of instant winter here on the eats side of RMNP with up to 55 cm of snow. You can easily do both these trails as a day trip from Wasagaming, Neepawa and Dauphin area. .