La Perdrix (Notre Dame de Lourdes)

  • Notre Dame had 3″ of snow this week. La Perdrix trails packed and groomed early Sunday morning Feb 28th.

  • Trails are in good shape today with only one or two blown-in spots. This is a great place to ski on a cold day, most of the trail is forested and sheltered from the wind.

  • Had 2 inches of snow Feb 3, all trails groomed and tracked Feb 4. Very good condition.

  • These cute trails must be the best kept secret in the area! Unfortunately, they will likely remain a secret so long as the driving directions on this site are flat out wrong — whoops! La Perdrix is NOT located 2km south of the junction of highways 245 and 244, as this site claims, but rather 1km north of this intersection. Hope this can be f…[Read more]

    • Please note that Hwy 245 is a correction line road which jogs the meridian. These correction lines are placed every 24 miles in the country and are about a 1 mile correction. If you are coming from the NORTH heading South on Hwy 244 past the town of Notre Dame, then the ski facility is indeed 2kms from the junction of Hwy 245 and Hwy 244. This…[Read more]

    • Ah, a correction line, of course! I came from the east, so I hit the other 245/244 junction. Anyway, thank you so much for these lovely trails.