Hecla Provincial Park

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    Trails were not freshly groomed this week, but were holding up quite well. Tracks were good, but in stretches there were a lot of needles and leaves. Still worth it though. Skate track did not look worth it (especially compared to Camp Morton, which was awesome).

  • Skied the campground trail yesterday. The park report says excellent conditions. The conditions are good, not excellent. As Alison mentioned, the double track is nice, but a bit of a stretch as the trail is probably too narrow for it. Otherwise, tracks were decent. A little shallow, but fast and fun.

    I was disappointed to find that the skate ski…[Read more]

    • I skied there 3 years ago and the grooming report then said the skate trails were groomed; they were not.

    • The Park clarified that the double track-setting of the skate trail was an honest mistake by the groomer. They went on to say: “The Yellow Trail will be regroomed and corrected to be single track only with a skate ski lane between Lakeview & Gull Harbour.”

  • Monday, Feb 11th we classic skied Hecla’s West Quarry trail, and enjoyed the beautiful snow-laden evergreens on these sheltered trails. It’s nice to have double tracks, but they’re often too close to the bushes….sunglasses are recommended to protect your eyes. The trails could use a grooming, as the tracks were shallow with tree litter, canine…[Read more]

  • From Iris G on January 14:
    All of the trails at Hecla are groomed and in great shape. There a thin patches in a few places, but not enough to be of concern. It’s the best conditions I have seen at Hecla in the last few years. We skied all the trails except West Quarry over the last two days and they were fast and fun. The skate ski trail is also…[Read more]