Grand Beach Provincial Park

  • Classic skied beaver and squirrel. Enough snow but lots of debris. Rare rock exposure. Downhills were icy and extra cautious. Not groomed lately. Skate skiing looked soft.

  • Monday early afternoon – Grand Beach classic tracks had 2-3 cm of new snow, but were in very nice shape. Snow covered most of the debris and slowed us enough to make the most challenging hills less treacherous than usual. We had a great ski with the warm sun shining on us. There’s still plenty of snow…enjoy it while you can!

    • Just want to add to Alison’s comments. There are 4 large boulders poking through the snow so you may not want to use your good skis.

  • Skied Grand Beach this afternoon. A cm of 2 of snow yesterday covered most of the trail debris but also made it a little slow. The classic tracks were pretty visible except for a few places where they were blown in. It was a nice day and the sun came out near the end. Going to go again tomorrow

  • The classic tracks look good at Grand Beach but the skating was very bad on Friday. The groomer left a track mark down the centre of the trail. This, in combination with the soft snow, made skate skiing difficult. Dangerous conditions on the steep hills as slowing down in the soft heavy snow was difficult.

  • Parks staff report that all trails were done today and are in good condition. They only got 2 inches of snow last night so not much to work with.

  • This morning (4th March) there was plenty of snow with no bare patches, rocks or debris. The trails had not been groomed since the last snow but had been tracked by skiers so the skiing was good. This evening’s snow will have covered the tracks again, so hopefully it will be groomed once the snow has stopped.

  • Wednesday’s track setting has been covered by 2 or 3 inches of snow making for a winter wonderland. However, several skiers have skied over the tracks making it quite doable and enjoyable.

  • Thursday morning Grand Beach classic tracks were slow with newer snow. We were nearly finished, and coming up the “cardiac hill” climb when the groomer came down the hill. Sure hope the groomer was able to smooth out the big divots caused by walkers at the beginning – looked rough for skating!

  • The classic tracks are still in very good condition, including the north end of the Beaver Pond, despite being groomed some time ago. The skate portion has quite a bit of ungroomed snow on it. Only 2 big boulders were visible where you had to lift your ski.

  • Classic tracks are in good shape even though they haven’t been groomed for a couple of weeks. Skate track looked okay in spots but soft in other spots. Didnt ski the North beaver loop

  • More than half a dozen car in the lot Saturday morning. Some long-suffering souls broke trails, skier packing the Grand Beach ski trails, so the grooming has been refreshed. Skate track Looking deep.

  • I’ve read a report from Grand Beach on Wednesday afternoon:
    “For those long-suffering souls who are interested, the Grand Beach ski trails are finally groomed! The skate track leaves much to be desired, but the classic tracks look good. Currently snowing here, so we’ll see how long they last.”

  • This info from Park office:
    We finally got some snow ( 5 inches)
    Just a heads up we are sending the groomer out to pack it down as we are expecting more snow next week.
    The trails may be a bit rough after the groomer packs however we need to get that done so we can get a hard packed base.
    Also there will be groomer tracks through the trails which…[Read more]

  • There’s a new single stall outhouse.

  • I went to the trail head. There’s a snow cover on the trails. It looks like a skier was on the Blueberry Trail. Some footprints around.

  • Just wondering if there is any skier skied in tracks at Grand Beach from Saturday ?

  • Went on the ski trails today for a hike and some trail clearing. Beautiful sunny day in this little paradise with a some snow on the ground. There is a lot of debris on the trails and branches that need to be lopped. I will be going out again to do some more work. If you love these trails as I do please consider helping Parks to clear them so…[Read more]

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    It looks like there will be new bathrooms at the Grand Beach ski trailhead parking lot.