Grand Beach Provincial Park

  • Just a heads up regarding Grand Beach Ski Trails. Grand Beach did not receive any new snow from the Colorado Low that hit the province on Monday March 5th. The ski conditions have deteriorated over the weekend due to warm weather and some melting has taken place. The beaver pond trail will be closed today due to poor conditions which include bare…[Read more]

  • Early Saturday afternoon we classic skied most of the Grand Beach trails. The tracks were firm and fast, but the skate surface is thinning and starting to deteriorate in areas with sun exposure. We avoided the north Beaver Pond loop, as there was dirt showing through. It was a great ski, but more snow would improve conditions.

  • All ski trails were groomed today in Grand Beach. As of today trails are in good to very good condition. Snowfall over this past week was minimal.

  • Has anyone been to Grand Beach or know of the conditions there?

  • Mark S posted an update in the group Group logo of Grand Beach Provincial ParkGrand Beach Provincial Park 9 months ago

    All Trails have been groomed as of yesterday (Wednesday) All trails are reported to be in good to very good condition. Deer and other wildlife are sharing the trails so you may see activity from them.

  • AnthonyKW posted an update in the group Group logo of Grand Beach Provincial ParkGrand Beach Provincial Park 9 months ago

    A couple cm of new / blown in snow on trails this morning. Poor for classic and skate at this point.

  • Manitoba Parks is unable to post their weekly Thursday trail conditions report on their website, so here it is:

    “Birds Hill is re-grooming today (Thursday) and tomorrow due to the high winds, and Grand Beach may also…[Read more]

  • Parks staff have advised that the groomer is out today doing the trails for the weekend. Kudos to them for re-grooming so quickly after Wednesday’s strong winds and drifting snow.

  • The trails were groomed yesterday but high winds and cold drifting snow have mostly filled the classic tracks with hard packed snow that we skied on top of. More skiers will not improve the tracks so,
    unfortunately, the trails need to be groomed again. The skate portion is in good shape with very little drifting. The good news is that there is…[Read more]

    • Thank you for updated post, was thinking of going there Friday because of your earlier post. Think we will try somewhere else tomorrow.

  • Parks staff have advised that the trails were groomed yesterday Wednesday, Jan.31.

  • 14 Charleswood Ski Club members skied at Grand Beach on Saturday, -6°.
    As HBock reported earlier, the classic tracks are in very good condition.
    The skate track is generally moderately firm and fairly level. The exception is the far eastern segment of the Beaver Pond trail; it is very soft in the middle of the track, as usual. There are still…[Read more]

  • HBock posted an update in the group Group logo of Grand Beach Provincial ParkGrand Beach Provincial Park 10 months ago

    Just skied Grand Beach this morning….Saturday January 20……classic trails in good shape …did not try the beaver pond loop .

  • The weekend’s snowfall has been groomed over by Park’s staff resulting in very good classic tracks with very little dirt or sand showing. The skate deck has improved but still has some soft and uneven areas but is mainly level. The Beaver Pond loop no longer has a trail closed sign posted and conditions are good entering and exiting but poor in…[Read more]

  • Sunday, January 14. Grand Beach trails had around 2 1/2 inches of fresh snow.Nobody was skate skiing this weekend but the classic tracks were skied in nicely. Once the wind picked up some parts of the tracks got blown over with snow. Lots of loose snow for this weeks grooming… trails are going to be perfect once done.

  • Grooming on most trails at Grand is great (as Floyd said, dirt churned up in a few spots). BUT – would suggest avoiding the far end of Beaver pond (trail that has been ‘Closed’ to date); it’s not ski-able: ground very uneven, more dirt/rocks/ice than snow in most spots. – Pat

  • Skied Beaver Pond today. January 5 -25 C All groomed as outlined below …..but very difficult section beyond the trail at Beaver Pond Hut for approximately 1.5 km…..trail poor condition…. extended sections down to sand and with large divots in skate track…..would not recommend doing this section til there is more snow……the rest is great…[Read more]

  • Today’s grooming has disturbed some sand and dirt (a light snowfall should remedy this) resulting in good conditions. The skate deck is now more level than before with some spots being soft and others uneven although there are some portions that are very good.

  • From Pat McCarthy-Briggs:
    I just spoke with the Grand Beach office. They’ve just finished grooming.

  • Even without recent grooming the classic tracks are still well defined and in good condition. Another week’s worth of small amounts of snow have covered any sand or dirt. If you stay in the tracks you should not encounter any rocks. There is an accumulation of snow in the skate lane awaiting the next grooming (see comment by Mark S below).

  • Trails at Grand Beach will not be groomed this week as the groomer broke through some ice and has some mechanical issues. Plans are to have it fixed and back up and running early next week.

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