Grand Beach Provincial Park

  • Grand Beach received a decent skim of fluffy stuff overnight, making for better than expected classic skiing this morning. There are a handful of bare patches or rocks to lift a ski over, but otherwise trails are still white edge to edge. The base is essentially solid ice though, so avoid the big hills or I guess just try not to die.

    • If that’s not your jam, rumours on FB suggest that other, flatter trails in the area may have similar conditions right now: Vic Beach or Pine Falls might have that new snow sans the slopes.

  • Amazing classic (ice klister) ski on Saturday and a good late, late season type ski today. A couple of surprising hidden gems- the turn off from Boulder to Beaver to the Beaver Pond shelter turn around and backtrack (@3km) was fantastic and might hold up for another day or two. Also Squirrel from the Pine Grove shelter to the Ridge View shelter…[Read more]

  • Surprisingly good conditions. I skied 16 km this morning. Saw a few other skiers and one fat biker.

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    Has anybody been out since the recent warm weather? I would like to head out there , but am not interested in killing myself. EZ, you have been out there lately: any news?

    • A facebook report from yesterday showed what looked like a nice image… they said an inch of new snow had fallen, and no bare patches.. not fast conditions.

      • Friends of mine attempted to ski there last Wednesday only to abandon their effort and go elsewhere. A Parks employee told me today that they have not received any snow there since Feb.5.

  • Grand Beach today was very good.. far end of Beaver is an offroad track basically with skier made tracks.. was kind of neat in the beginning, then I just wanted off of it.. lots of snow.. don’t bother skating.. very soft, and potted with footprints… my first time there, the only thing I could really complain about is the lack of trail signage…

  • From Ed Zwingerman on Friday evening:
    Skied Beaver and Squirrel today. Very good conditions. Classic trails groomed except for north Beaver past the hut. Skier tracked and a bit slow, but so am I. Hills are great, fast, but not icy. Conditions don’t look great for skate skiers?
    Best ski conditions of the year. Not much debris. Lots of snow.

  • From Andy Dwilow on Wednesday evening:
    Today Feb 17. Great snow coverage. Grooming was in progress. Classic track was superb and, although I didn’t skate, it looked good.

  • Freshly groomed ski trails. The skate skiing corduroy is the best it’s looked this season albeit it’s too cold to skate ski during the deep freeze. Although I was the only car in the parking lot there were signs of other skiers–ski tracks and pole divots. Thank you to the Grand Beach Park staff who worked themselves and their machinery in the -30…[Read more]

  • From Edward Zwingerman on Friday evening:
    Classic skied Beaver and Squirrel today. Most of the trail was skier tracked, no grooming. Beaver beyond hut now has better snow and more skiable. For some reason the weather scared off most people so we had the beautiful scenery to ourselves.

  • As mentioned, in otherwise great conditions for classic this weekend, the skate track appeared uneven, soft and walked-on. I wouldn’t drive out to Grand Beach from the city hoping for an excellent skate track, it never seems to be firm and clean.

  • Sunday afternoon classic tracks were in very nice shape, with about an inch of soft new snow making the wildest hills safer. The skate deck was pitted with footprints, ruts, and soft spots….not great. However, it was a beautiful day with fresh snow falling out of the trees…lovely! Lots of folks out.

  • Skied the trails on Friday Afternoon January 29th. Found trails to be recently tracked and and in great condition for classic. Walkers have been respecting the classic trails and keeping off. Skating deck was probably as good as it gets for Grand Beach. A skier tracked trail off of South East Beaver Pond Trail that leads to a ski-do trail and…[Read more]

  • Wednesday’s grooming over fresh snow has resulted in excellent conditions. Only a couple of rocks to avoid. No grooming beyond the Beaver Pond cabin but it is skier tracked.

  • Went this AM with “the kid”; arrived about noon. Lots of cars in the parking lot and down access road. Snowing like mad, but trail traffic packed it nicely, so kick and glide were great. Skied the ” the Beav” in dead silence: magnificent. Total snowfall about 4″, the track perfect.

  • 4 or 5 cm of fresh snow fell on yesterday’s (Thursday) grooming which has improved conditions and leveled out the skate deck. All classic tracks are now well skied in and in good condition. The new snow has covered all the sand and rocks (I only saw one rock at the bottom of “Suicide Hill”, a.k.a. The Wall). The Beaver is not groomed beyond the…[Read more]

  • Went to Grand Beach yesterday (Sunday) afternoon for a classic ski. There were maybe 20 vehicles parked when we arrived, but once we got up the starter hill we mostly skied alone.

    We did Beaver and then a short loop on Blueberry. It didn’t appear to have been groomed again after the recent snowfall in the last couple days, but it was pretty nice…[Read more]

  • Skied parts of the Squirrel, Boulder and Jack Pine loops today and classic tracks are in great shape. Beware of the odd rock emerging both on the climb up from the trailhead and along parts of the upper Boulder trail. New snow (this week?) should help fill in the skate deck and repair footprint damage.

  • Skied GB today. Classic trails are excellent! I used my old skis but but good skis would probably be fine unless you are coming in from Lester Beach. It was better today than yesterday. If it is not busy this weekend,it never will be.

  • Just want to echo Craig’s comments from yesterday. I found the classic tracks are very good to excellent and the skate deck is poor to good (Blueberry is good). OK to use your good skis if you avoid the occasional rock and some dirt patches. The Beaver is groomed to the Beaver Pond shack but closed and ungroomed beyond.

  • xc ski trails freshly groomed today. Classic and skate. trails were excellent to the beaver shack (Which is closed of course). the rest of the beaver loop was skiable.
    Still a rare rock in the middle of the trail but conditions were very good today.

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