Grand Beach Provincial Park

  • It was optimistic to hope that the province would’ve groomed Grand Beach, or even plowed the road to the trailhead. A single track went out-and-back up Blueberry, not sure where to. And a couple of snowshoers. Great snow cover. Such a shame the province can’t do better with these trails.

  • Skied Lester Beach access, then Boulder Hill trail, then South Beaver Pond trail, back to Lester – 11k total. No recent grooming but trails are in pretty good condition. Definitely skiable and lots of fun!

  • Parks’ answer as to why the north end of the Beaver Pond trail was not groomed this winter:
    “North of the creek has been difficult to access with the groomer (due to low water level and access/egress onto & off of creek). 4×4 trucks get back in there in the fall and have made a terrible mess of the trail with large ruts throughout the area. We a…[Read more]

    • 4x4s mucking in the creek of a protected area seems like a bigger issue than the ski grooming – hope MB Parks can put appropriate effort into stopping that activity!

  • I was glad to hear the trails were groomed March 10. Unfortunately they were covered with a fresh coat of snow by the morning of March 12. It was a great ski day nonetheless.

  • Parks has informed me that they plan on grooming the trails today. They are also planning on attending the CCSAM Grooming Workshop at Windsor Park. Let’s hope this leads to new grooming equipment for Grand Beach. The present groomer is from the ’80’s.

    • The trails were indeed freshly groomed and the classic tracks were in the best shape I have seen in years with all the snow we have had this year. It was snowing lightly when I finished

  • From Edward Zwingerman on Saturday afternoon:
    Skied Beaver, Squirrel and Boulder today. Snow conditions were ideal even though there has not been grooming for a while. Classic skiing trails were fast but the skate skiing looked pretty rough. The Beaver trail after the hut wasn’t great and a sign at the end of the trail says it’s closed? Everyone…[Read more]

  • Grand Beach has received just a bit of snow since the last grooming, but plenty of folks were out skiing it down today. The snow was fast and the classic tracks are holding up well. The classic grooming is much improved since our last visit. It was all nice smooth curves, with none of those sharp zigs that suddenly kick you off to the side that I…[Read more]

  • Cory B posted an update in the group Group logo of Grand Beach Provincial ParkGrand Beach Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Fresh grooming Thursday, Feb 24th reported by the Province.

  • Skied the fresh powder at Grand Beach Sat afternoon. Thursday’s grooming is pretty much buried. It’s been a real challenge for the groomers to trade to keep up this year

  • Lots of snow but no grooming on any trails. I broke trail today on the Lester Beach access trail. Beaver trail to the pond has no ski tracks. Hope the groomer gets fixed soon!

  • Great ski today! Everything is in decent condition but a few CMS of fresh snow on the skate sections. Beaver pond is only groomed up to the hut at the pond. Skiers have tracked it after that. Thank you trail Blazers!!

  • From Ed Zingerman on Saturday evening:
    Skied Beaver, Squirrel, and Boulder. Lots of fluffy snow. Not recently groomed, skier tracked but with lots of traffic conditions very good for classic. Not great for skate skiers. Hills were great with powder conditions. North part of Beaver closed past the hut but some skiers have been on it. All in all…[Read more]

  • From Mark Sinclair, Grand Beach Park Manager, on Saturday afternoon:
    Our groomer broke down while grooming on Friday.
    A minimal amount of trails were groomed.
    Hopefully we can have it up and running early this coming week.

  • Lots of snow on top of Thursday’s grooming but there is now a well skied in skier track.

  • Classic skied GB on Monday and agree with Andy’s report. Just want to add that the Beaver Pond trail is only groomed up to the north warming hut (which is closed due to covid), where the groomer made a loop around the hut and went back the way he came.

  • From Andy Dwilow on Sunday afternoon:
    Classic skied Grand Beach today. The single classic track was chiselled, firm, and fast – excellent! Terrain and course layout – world class!
    The skate ski lane was, for the most part, soft, rutted, and uneven, with periodic areas of something pink (engine or hydraulic oil?) on it – poor! Interestingly, I…[Read more]

  • The day has finally come. Grand has been groomed and has tons of snow. Very good conditions !

  • There had been about 3 inches of fresh snow on the well groomed track. Slow going but beautiful.
    Needs Skiers!

  • Skied Grand beach this afternoon. Excellent classic track. It took about 15-20 minutes till my fingers warmed up and then was excellent. There s a skate track but no tracks on it, classic was fun. Thanks to the groomers

  • We drove out from Winnipeg only to discover that the Grand Beach trails still haven’t been groomed after the latest dump of snow. The Squirrel/Beaver trail was skier tracked.
    Disappointed that this potentially world class ski area is so poorly maintained in terms of grooming.

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