Birds Hill Provincial Park

  • BHP Awesome today.. great grooming..some debris especially Blue Stem east and some Lime as mentioned.. and BHP if you read these comments at all.. I personally want to say THANK YOU for having a park official in the Chickadee Lot today!

    • I counted at least 10 trail walkers pulling 6 sleds in my session from 3 to 6PM. The first was angry and confrontational when I merely pointed at the sign at the trailhead. The next 4 I didn’t bother with; 2 adults and two kids with sleds on chickadee between the GUR and Stables. Then another 2 adults with sled and dog on the same trail. At…[Read more]

  • Skied 2 laps of Lime Kiln,( long loop). Very good chiseled trails and fast. Some leaf debris from winds today.
    Full moon by Feb 8 , so some good night skiing this week and next will be possible if weather stays clear.

  • Beautifully groomed, perfect temperature. Conditions are great.

    • Anita & I agree … except for the section on east Bluestem that already has divots from a dog walker.
      The Group Use Road today is the best skate track I’ve been on all winter … and I’ve been skate skiing since November 13.

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Friday morning:
    Staff are out today track setting/grooming trails.

  • Classic and skating trails are in decent condition. The new snow has been packed by skiers on the classic trails, but even on the skating trails where there is a bit of loose snow, conditions are moderately fast. Grooming is scheduled for Friday.

  • BHP was great all weekend for classic and skate.. minus the 2 hacks that decided to walk right down the middle of the GUR today.. they saw me coming from several hundred meters away, I was up the middle, and I wasn’t moving…. they muttered something and I gave it right back to them to get off the groomed trails…

  • Trails were freshly groomed on Friday. The crud that had blown onto the trails has been buried, and the fresh cordoroy and warm conditions made skating on the GUR fast

  • Bert Graef posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 month ago

    All trails including GUR skate ,are in very good shape. GUR looks very flat and fast, no boot tracks and only a few skate marks on the cordouroy. Just some tree debris on all trails from the windstorm on Tuesday, but the warmer weather, no wind and fresh grooming make up for it.

  • L Hanson posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 month ago

    I skied Aspen at about noon on Tuesday. All the trails had been recently groomed, and aside from some tree litter and localized drifting, were in great condition. Thanks Park staff.

  • From Al Stewart on Monday evening:
    I skied this afternoon on Lime Kiln and Esker. The grooming was outstanding, the trails were out of Trax Magazine. The trees were laden with snow, the sky was bright blue, the temperature was cold but the wind was not a factor in the forest. I had excellent grip and decent glide with Rode Special Green. An…[Read more]

  • L Hanson posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 month ago

    Friday at noon we skied chickadee, esker, and the GUR. Conditions were about as good as we get, with a bit of a mist that should harden up the few soft spots on the interior loops.

  • Friday at noon I skijored part of the Spruce Trail, and was happy to see it had been freshly groomed. It was a nice combed surface, perfect bite for skate-skiing, with just a few softer or leafy areas. It could still use more snow pack for this trail to be amazing; but it was a delightful ski; and my dogs loved it too! Many thanks to the groomer!

  • Does anyone know why the Spruce Trail doesn’t get groomed? It is not very useful for skating without grooming.

    • Angela:
      Manitoba Parks (Sloan Cathcart, Director of Interpretation) is a member of this trail Group, but he may or may not receive email notifications and/or check this page often. In other words, he may not see your question. You could contact the Park Manager — Joanne Podolchuk, whose contact info is listed above in the description.

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday morning:
    Ski trails are being groomed/tracked today.

  • Tuesday at noon I skijored on the Spruce Trail. Unlike the rest of BHP ski trails, it wasn’t groomed last week and has lots of fluffy new snow. There’s too much loose snow for a decent skate-ski, but my enthusiastic dog was pulling at a fast pace, and I hardly used my legs. Dogsled teams are also enjoying this beautiful, quiet trail through the forest.

  • Chickadee, Esker, Lime Kiln, Bluestem from Lookout hill… for the most part very good.. chickadee of course sees the most abuse…. occasional short stretches of twigs / dirt.. 5cm of snow would fix it all…

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park:
    Park staff are grooming and track setting trails as of Thursday morning. There are still some bare spots/grass/leaves on trails, so skiers should continue to exercise caution while on the ski trails.

    • The tracks on all the trails we skied (Bluestem, north Chickadee, parts of Esker and Aspen) were good to excellent. Yes, leaves had been churned up in a few places and there were a few twigs poking through, but the handful of bare spots were only a few cm long. It was snowing during our entire time there (Thursday from 1:30 to 3:30). There were…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon we classic skied Chickadee and parts of Esker and Lime Kiln. There must have been many skiers out on the weekend, and conditions are better than expected. Lime Kiln was the best of the 3 with less stubble and a decent double track. Beware of the rocks on Chickadee’s downhill at the tower.

  • Skate trail is hard packed/wind blown in places with the cooling temps (especially the North side) Occasional branch fragments from the wind, and lots of footprints conveniently right down the middle of the track especially on the North side… all it takes is for the park to hand out one of those $500 fines, and that’ll be the end of the hikers..…[Read more]

  • BHP skate is very good.. nice track up the middle… and yep.. there’s some footprints…. Was a constant light snow while I was there late afternoon…

    • Some nimrod had dumped a white plastic bag filled with dog poo on the skate track just by the small hill on the north side. Lucky I was climbing the hill instead of descending it. Would have been hard to see and avoid coming down the slope. These evil people really have a bone to pick with skiers, and need to be reported.

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