Birds Hill Provincial Park

  • All trails, both skate and classic at BHP are freshly groomed and in wonderful shape. Thanks to the groomers!

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, District Park Supervisor, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday at 1:20 PM:
    Good Afternoon Kevin,
    Trails are being groomed today.

  • Birds Hill Park, Tuesday early morning, -4° to -11°, very windy.
    Classic: Chickadee, Esker, west Bluestem — The very good tracks are starting to get blown-in.
    Skate: Group Use Road, including the two new-in-2017 interior sections.
    As is typical, the middle of the track is getting a bit hard-packed, but the inside lane and outside lane are n…[Read more]

  • Just skated 4 laps of Group Use Road at BHP… definately needs a grooming.. somewhat packed up the middle.. and absolutely bombed with almost reminded me of skiing at the end of the year when the park gave up grooming.. worst is just east of camp ground entrance road, but the entire loop has footprints right down the middle…

  • Monday morning we skijored & kicksledded the north loop of Spruce. It’s nicely packed for skating, with a few human footprints…very good conditions overall on a beautiful day with our dogs!

    • I skied it yesterday morning. I agree that the northern half of the trail is in fine shape. Unfortunately the first third of the trail from the Nimowin Rd parking lot was loaded with footprints. We encountered 5 people walking and 3 dogs (1 of which was off leash). I spoke to all of them and they all sincerely had no idea they were not supposed to…[Read more]

      • The response from MB Parks was, “we are currently working on a new signage plan for this trail. We’ll pass your comments on to the staff at Birds Hill Provincial Park.”

  • Aspen, Bluestem and Chickadee in good shape today!!

  • Just finished skiing lime kiln trail. It was freshly groomed, along with esker. Thanks BHP staff!

  • From Joanne Podolchuk, District Park Supervisor, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Thursday at 12:45:
    Good Afternoon Kevin,
    Grooming is taking place today.
    Have a wonderful afternoon.

  • Skied Bluestem this morning. From the stables to Griffith’s Hill was decent, occasionally blown in, but a few skiers had already rediscovered a single track. From Griffith’s to Chickadee parking lot the tracks were almost entirely snow covered and often blown in. It was a bit better from the parking lot back to the stables. The good news: lots of…[Read more]

    • The park should groom it again obviously but they won’t until next week. There should be user fees/seasons passes in place so the park could finance better maintenance and oversight of the trails. Seems to be what’s done in Ontario and Minnesota

      • Well, perhaps they’ll groom again and we’ll be pleasantly surprised. I do agree that an additional fee for more frequent ski trail grooming seems like a good idea, provided it ensured more reliable / frequent grooming, and I suspect most skiers would be happy to pay. However, we may then have to complain about inappropriate trail use (walking,…[Read more]

  • As of Monday at 2:30 PM, Birds Hill Park staff are grooming the ski trails. They hope to finish by the end of the day.

    • Nice that they’re grooming even though it’s above 0°

      • Yeah.. it is kind of strange… Windsor Park was groomed, but they won’t be setting a track until tomorrow… theres a chance of some more snow tonite and tomorow as well with temps falling…

        • The weather station near Birds Hill Park — — shows a temp above zero from noon to ~3:00, and near +1 for about 1 1/2 hours. That’s nowhere near warm enough — sans sunshine — to raise the snow temperature above zero.
          Inside the city (Windsor Park) it’s a different story.

  • Dale posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 1 week, 6 days ago

    Any idea what day the trails typically get groomed? Would love to head out after work this week but doing it on a day right after they’re groomed would be prime! Really appreciate all the condition reports posted by everyone! Ski on!

    • There’s no rhyme or reason to when they groom. Seeing as it has just snowed they will probably groom on Wednesday or Thursday as they have to clear the roads first.

  • Just skied Bluestem east from Chickadee Lot, Esker, and part of Chickadee to Aspen then back to lot… overall not bad conditions considering really not a lot of snow… some places there is taller under growth poking through the track, especially on Bluestem.. as was mentioned nice big horse bomb in the Esker track… overall conditions were…[Read more]

  • From Gord Buhr:
    Skied Esker Friday night. Someone has ridden a horse from approximately the sleigh crossing to the end and left brown klister in a steaming pile right on the track. Thanks buddy.

  • Saturday morning we skijored/kick-sledded with our dogs on a section of the Spruce trail. It was well-packed with a little new snow on top and a few soft areas (mostly in the center), but overall very good conditions for a great skate ski, with occasional debris that was easily avoided. It was first outing of the season for the dogs, and we had…[Read more]

  • Chris posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 2 weeks ago

    Skied the Group Use road yesterday (Friday). Fast conditions, somewhat slippery though. Not sure why the park didn’t groom on Wednesday when it was -7 and there was some new snow. A few walkers on the trail

    • Thursday’s melting resulted in transitioned snow => fast and slippery. The melting was forecast, which is probably why they didn’t groom on Wednesday. The track was VG on Thursday morning befiore the melt.. We might argue that they could regroom after the melt and refreeze.

  • Skied esker this afternoon. About -4 and sunny. Conditions were perfect. A bit of debris in areas but overall wonderful

  • Birds Hill Park, Thursday morning, -1° to +2° air temperature.
    The snow temperature was still below freezing when we left at 11:00.
    Classic: Bluestem and Chickadee — very good to excellent conditions.
    Skate: Group Use Road, including the two new-in-2017 interior sections. There is 0 to 2 cm fresh snow over last week’s grooming. VG t…[Read more]

  • Wednesday evening we skied parts of Aspen, Chickadee and Esker. Conditions were excellent, except for a few patches of evergreen debris on Aspen. The Esker hill was fast and fabulous!

  • Skate skied the group loop. good shape very fun!

  • From Facebook on Sunday:
    Trails are nicely groomed at Bird’s Hill. Lots of cars at the parking lot at the stables.

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