Beaudry Provincial Park

  • I snowshoed at Beaudry by the Maple trail today, and the ski tracks looked ok.
    I’d give them 5/10? Definitely not the 9/10 that Birds Hill is at now, but the ski trails were ok.

  • yboat posted an update in the group Group logo of Beaudry Provincial ParkBeaudry Provincial Park 6 months, 1 week ago

    Heard a report from Friday March 20th the tracks were icy and pretty much non-existent. Elsewhere would be better consider the fresh grooming at Windsor, Bird’s Hill and other places. Too bad we didn’t get the snow that had been forecasted.

  • From Gord Buhr:
    Thursday evening.

    Tracks were in generally good condition. Blown out at the typical spots, corners and berms. Mix of ice and snow.
    Some grassy spots on the Basswood.

    On the drop from Basswood to the river there was some surface water. I don’t think this is the ice breaking up, just some melting on top. I felt totally safe…[Read more]

  • I classic skied Beaudry today. Maple was in really good shape. Basswood was very good also. Elm was pretty decent – just a few ‘sketchy’ places where the wind has made drifts. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable ski. The tracks are icy, so it was pretty fast

  • Has anyone been out to Beaudry yet? have the trails been groomed since the snow yesterday?

  • Tony Hoess posted an update in the group Group logo of Beaudry Provincial ParkBeaudry Provincial Park 7 months ago

    Skied Maple today. Only a couple of small bare patches. Trails were ok, but the warm weather and melting has widened them in many places. And it is so icy. There were a few leaves, but not too bad. Need snow

  • Skied Maple and Wild Grape today. Maple is brutal with all the debris in the tracks. We need more snow.

  • From Darryl Hrechkosy:
    Skied all the trails here on February 15. Moderate winds and temperatures around -14 C. Many cars in parking lot. Maple Trail hardly used, tracks decent condition but much debris from heavy winds in tracks. Wild Grape and Elm Trails well used and tracks had the least amount of debris likely owing to it’s popular use.…[Read more]

  • Trails were surprisingly good at Beaudry today! Not too chewed up by walkers at all. That will change soon, though… The sociopaths we ran into at the river crossing to Maple were quite determined to destroy them for skiers.

  • What is the schedule for grooming the trails at Beaudry? Thanks

    • Manitoba Parks can best answer this question, but the default day is usually Thursday in preparation for the weekend. That day can change based on need at Birds Hill Park; I’m not sure about Beaudry.

  • Trails have been groomed at Beaudry. Nice solid base. And a great almost full moon. Get off the couch this evening. Many thanks to groomers

  • Has anyone been to Beaudry since the snow yesterday? Have they been tracked or is there enough snow to track?