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  • Alina Morgan posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I am Alina Morgan and I live in Las Vegas, NV, working as a health consultant. My major area of interest is lifestyle disorders and diseases like Weight Issues, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, etc. I have more than 7 years of experience in this industry. I’m related to various health care centers. Currently working with an online pharmacy p…[Read more]

  • Went out this evening not expecting much, but did manage to classic ski most of chickadee in reverse a few times .
    I should have skipped the kick wax as the trail is slippery and uneven and best suited for double poling in most places. The snow was very dense and soft and moist in places. Railroading was often. Makes one appreciate a packed…[Read more]

  • Oops. I made a mistake in my previous post. Upon speaking with ER I determined I only tracked one-half of Group-Use road clockwise from Chickadee parking lot to the road bisecting the Group Use road and terminating at the parking lot where all the dog skijorers start their outings. If I’m in the mood I may complete the loop tomorrow.

  • So, I lived up to my user moniker today. I arrived at the Chickadee lot @ 11:30, fully expecting to take advantage of some enthusiast’s track, but there was none. I proceeded to walk around the Group Use road and set a decent track. It was totally silent in the woods and the snow was sticking the branches of the trees and shrubs: beautiful and…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon April 12 – walking on the Spruce Trail, I was surprised by a woman skijoring with 2 dogs. She said the snow was very sticky, and in places her skis had bottomed out through 3″ of soft snow. If it firms up overnight, Tuesday the trail might be skiable (with rock skis) – just sayin’…..

  • Thanks to all who supported the trail grooming at Wildwood with your generous donations. We saw many new faces and names this season and hope to see you again when the snow flies.

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Cranberry PortageCranberry Portage 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Cranberry Portage die hard skiers have moved from the bush trails onto Lake Athapap for spring skiing.
    The North Lake Trail [access from Brydges Ave.N.W.] and South Lake Trail [access from Shoreline Rd.] are classic tracks that follow the shoreline and through the islands to the west. Fast trails and great views!

  • 2 pm today (wed). sufficient snow still remaining on the group-use-road for skate skiing. heading ccw you’ll have to take your skis off at the ~ 1km, 2.1-2.3, 3.2 and 3.6 km marks on the 3.9 km loop. that will change soon but for the diehards, hope remains.

  • From Melissa Bergen, A/Park District Manager, Birds Hill Provincial Park on Wednesday morning:
    Upon a discussion with our Maintenance Supervisor this morning, we have determined we will be converting our signage from winter to spring/summer/fall and “officially” closing the ski trails for the season by the weekend. Most trails have det…[Read more]

  • 7-9PM. Had to go out for just one last kick at the cat. Wasnt terribly disappointed. A really good evening, but I think its getting close. I stayed on the east side, and its ok from the parking lot to the little hill near the lookout. Skied back and forth a few times without having to dismount .Tomorrow evenng will probably be a different story…[Read more]

  • Monday afternoon, 5° to 7°, sunny.
    The Group Use Road was very good. It was generally very firm with a fairly soft top. A few short well-shaded stretches were very icy. There was one 10 metre stretch of bare pavement on the west section that requires an easy ski-walk on the grass, another 10 metre section in the SSW was bare with ice-under-water o…[Read more]

    • Went out this evening til 9pm and did one loop. Just skiing on the best parts and avoiding the west side from now on. Bits of asphalt on that side are beginning to poke through .. Otherwise a perfect spring ski evening.

  • 16 km skate on the GUR this morning! I had so much fun out there. Skate is very good on the South-South East side of the loop wheras the West-North West side is more icy and you will want to double pole some of that area likely. With the nice temps today, skate should be alright actually as it melts a bit of the snow and gives you more push off…[Read more]

    • I think we will have a few more days of skating. Im just avoiding the west section, its not going to last much longer. Its easier just to turn around and go back and forth on the still very good other sections.

  • Looking for some fresh snow? Journey to Hecla where there is much more snow than Winnipeg and the trails were freshly groomed on Wednesday. The result is good to very good tracks. Watch for the 2 owls near the park entrance and bald eagles flying overhead.

  • Skate great and classic passable in soft spring corn snow on the west side trails. Some medium sized bare patches to dodge, but nothing to portage just yet.

  • Adam posted an update in the group Group logo of Birds Hill Provincial ParkBirds Hill Provincial Park 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Out this morning with the Jackrabbits. Mostly ice. Skated GRU loop. Fast for sure! Skied Chickadee a bit too. Lots of portaging necessary and very icy. Not great. Skating the loop is the best bet. No bare spots yet! Soon though. Nice to see lots of people out for this tail end of the season ski.

  • A small smattering of snow helped the hard packed and somewhat icy GUR situation a bit but not much. Still a good outing because the temps were great and sun was out . 5 other skaters were out. Good to see. Hope the park doesnt plow it. If we get lucky with an inch or two of snow, and temps stay seasonal, we could be skiing for a while yet. I…[Read more]

    • It was 2012-2013. I skied from Nov 12 to Apr 24, a 164 day season. It was also a big snow winter, unlike this year.

      • Nice meeting you boys today! What we would all do for winters like that again. Lets pray for a little more snow before we put the skis away for the season and tear a few more km’s to finish off for the year.

  • Friday afternoon, +1° to +2°, sunny.
    Today was my worst skate ski of this season. 90%+ of the Group Use Road was hard ice-snow, which made it extremely difficult to fully weight shift, edge, and push-off hard. The other 10% was pure ice or very close to it. The west side (north-south section), the middle connector, and the two interior bays were t…[Read more]

    • Yeah it was probably better in the afternoon after you left. Mostly did double poling in icy places .I did 3 laps and could have done a bit more but saving something for the weekend. It was still very hard surface in the late afternoon . Hard on ankles and knees for sure, but I needed my fix. Met Arni and another older guy who said he was on…[Read more]

      • Yes, you started just after I finished. Arni started 10 minutes after you. I talked to him for 5 minutes in the parking lot. We hadn’t previously met but of course we knew of each other via trail conditions reports, so that was nice. The “other older guy” was Neil Ferguson, who is a very proficient/fast skate skier (and road cyclist) and one year…[Read more]

    • Definitely a more challenging skate today Kevin for sure. I didn’t feel near as confident as usual in my glide to push off phase as there was mostly nothing to push on and felt as though you could bail at any moment. Still managed to keep upright the whole time and did an average of 22 minutes per lap moving time which i thought was not bad…[Read more]

  • Gary Wickens posted an update in the group Group logo of Cranberry PortageCranberry Portage 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    The Cranberry Portage trails still have their 2 foot snow base but recent melting followed by freezing has created icy trail surfaces. The hilly Athapap North trail is temporarily closed until it is groomed following expected snow a week from now. The flatter Athapap South trail is icy and crusty. It’s skiable and at least you won’t be going fast…[Read more]

  • Grand Beach received a decent skim of fluffy stuff overnight, making for better than expected classic skiing this morning. There are a handful of bare patches or rocks to lift a ski over, but otherwise trails are still white edge to edge. The base is essentially solid ice though, so avoid the big hills or I guess just try not to die.

    • If that’s not your jam, rumours on FB suggest that other, flatter trails in the area may have similar conditions right now: Vic Beach or Pine Falls might have that new snow sans the slopes.

  • This season is over. Many thanks to Kevin Miller for moderating the CCSM website, and to all persons posting helpful info throughout the season.

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