2020-2021 Virtual Annual Awards

We’re doing something a little different this year!

Our clubs couldn’t host events, our performance athletes couldn’t compete and that meant a lot more people had a lot more time to get creative and enjoy an unusual ski season.

We have a few ideas for annual awards (see below) but this year we challenge you to reflect and use your imagination and tell us WHO inspired you this season and WHAT accomplishment has earned your vote for an annual award.

Deadline for nominations is March 31st, 2021.

We won’t be able to celebrate our accomplishments together over a meal and good conversation but we promise to send all award winners a CCSAM Recognition stoneware mug made by a local maker.

Thanks in advance for sending in your nomination(s)!

2020 CCSAM Annual Awards: And The Winners Are…

Sadly, we were unable to hold our annual Awards Banquet last month but that didn’t stop the nominations process!

Congratulations to the following CCSAM members who are the winners of this year’s awards:

Kenton Frith – Coach of the Year

Chris Roe – Sport Builder

Lin-P’ing Choo Smith & Doug Smith – Volunteers of the Year
Also nominated: Pauline Nadlersmith, Julie Brodeur, Floyd Reichel, Lorene Mann-Baxter

Mariko Boorberg & Garrick Wiens and Ben, Naomi, Anika, Paul, James and Joshua – Family of the Year

Turtle Mountain Ski Club – Club of the Year

Levi Warkentine – Senior Skier of the Year
Honourable mentions to: Cam Roe, Simon Giasson, Jesse Bachinsky

Imogen Nadlersmith & Aaron Warkentine – Junior Skiers of the Year

Mia Sawatsky & William Vanden Berg – Juvenile Skiers of the Year

Susanne Hill & Murray Carter – Masters Skiers of the Year

Ben Wiens – Most Improved Skier of the Year

Andy Dwilow & Kristin Madsen – Special Recognition & Thanks for their work on the Selection Committee (ski team selections)

Laurie Penton – Chair’s Award for Sports Excellence

Sport Manitoba Order of Sport Excellence – our 2020 Provincial Champions 

Manitoba Cup Series