Integrated Club Funding

An amalgamation of the former Club Development, and Lotteries Funding grants into a single “Integrated Club Funding” application.

One grant with 2 intake dates: October 15th & February 15th annually.

We anticipate the majority of the fund to be dispersed after the October deadline with the remaining fund available in February for clubs that missed the first deadline.

Subject to Sport Manitoba funding, the amount available in this grant program is ~ $20,000.

This funding is available to any CCSAM-affiliated club. The amount distributed to each applying club will be based on how closely the club programs (as per the application) align with the Four Pillars of Sport Development as defined by our funding partner, Sport Manitoba.

The Four Pillars of Sport Development are:

1) Sport Initiation: Programs designed to maintain or grow the number of Manitobans engaged in organized sport.
2) Performance Pathway: Programs designed to recruit, identify & train athletes to achieve success at the highest performance levels.
3) Technical Leadership: Development of volunteers, coaches & officials.
4) Organizational Effectiveness: Supporting quality sport programs, participation and excellence through clear direction & leadership.

Please note that if you close the tab or browser window (or shut down your computer) BEFORE submitting the application form, you will LOSE all of your responses.
You CAN go back and edit your responses only AFTER you SUBMIT the form.
BUT, you can’t submit the form until you have responded to all of the required (red *) questions. Which means, IF you need to leave the form you must first place a dummy answer in each of the required questions (there are not that many), SUBMIT the form and then use the link, that will be emailed to you, to edit your responses later. Please do this BEFORE the deadline.