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PDP Stakeholder Meeting Rescheduled

Dear ski club coaches, athletes, parents, leaders:

If you are involved now, or want to be involved soon, with our Provincial (Coach & Athlete) Development Program (PDP) please join us for a Stakeholder meeting 6:00 – 8:00 PM Wed April 26th on Zoom.

Let’s sit together and talk about where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we want to be 4/8/12 years from now. You can help shape the future of our sport.

Everyone interested in CCSAM coach and athlete development goals and objectives is welcome to attend.

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Manitoba Ski Team 2023 National Championships

Best of luck to our Manitoba team competing at Nationals this year!

The 2023 Canadian National Championships will place March 11 – 17 in Thunder Bay, ON. 



  • Don-Han Lau – Downtown Nordic
  • Gideon Hoeppner – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Hannah Wintoniw – Downtown Nordic
  • Hezekiah Hoeppner – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Imogen Nadlersmith – Downtown Nordic
  • Isaiah Vanden Berg – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Jillian Thiessen – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Mia Sawatsky – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Kate Sawatsky – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Nelson Faurschou – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • Naomi Wiens – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • William Vanden Berg – Boundary Trails Nordic
  • William Wintoniw – Downtown Nordic

Support Staff:

  • Andrew Vanden Berg
  • Cheryl Koop
  • Jennie Hissa
  • Pauline Nadlersmith
  • Steven Wintoniw

Results will be posted in Zone4.

Team Manitoba Medal Alert

Jesse Bachinsky, led by his guide, Levi Nadlersmith

Jesse Bachinsky (24, Kenora, ON) earns his first medal of the 2023 Canada Winter Games, a bronze in the Para Nordic standing –  2.5 km classic race.

“I’m very proud and honoured to be part of this amazing team and, it’s a real honour to be here. The course is incredibly wicked fast, and there’s lots of technical climbs and downhills, and it’s a really great place to race and train.”

“This is my third Canada Games – and I had lots of fun at the last two. I’m just gonna continue to have lots of fun here and race hard, race fast. I gain experience every time I race or train and just being here, I learn new things, I meet new people, and it’s incredible and I love it.”

Jesse’s results and athlete profile here

Photo credits: Team Manitoba/Sport Manitoba Media Contact
Sarah Tone

Team Manitoba 2023 Canada Winter Games

Team Manitoba at the 2023 Canada Winter Games
February 18 – March 5, 2023
Prince Edward Island

Event Coverage Information

 Team Manitoba is sending 207 of the province’s best young athletes, along with 47 coaches, 15 managers, 6 technical support staff, and 22 mission staff to participate at the 2023 Canada Winter Games. 

The Canada Games brings together more than 2,000 able-bodied athletes and athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities for the largest amateur multi-sport event in the country. Alternating between winter and summer, they span over 30 different sports to showcase the very best in Canadian sport and spirit.

Keep your eyes on Team Manitoba’s InstagramFacebook, and Twitter accounts. Official results can be obtained directly from the Canada Games. The online results system provides multiple search features. You can search by an athlete’s name, team name, sport, or city. It also provides a report that sorts results by day, sport and/or event that will be live by February 18.

Cross Country Ski Team

Family fun facts:

  • Siblings: Naomi and Ben Wiens from Boundary Trails Nordic (Morden) 
  • Siblings: Kate and Mia Sawatsky, from Boundary Trails Nordic (Altona)
  • Team Manager Pauline Nadlersmith’s two children are both competing – Levi and Imogen. This is Levi’s third Canada Games and Imogen’s second. 
  • Coach Steven Wintoniw will coach his children Hannah and William.
  • Technical support staffer Andrew Vanden Berg is attending with his son William, and his three nephews, Isaiah Vanden Berg, and Hezekiah and Gideon Hoeppner.

Past results

  • 2019:
    • 1 Gold, 2 Bronze – Jesse Bachinsky
    • Bronze – Conor McGovern

More history here: https://www.sportmanitoba.ca/team-manitoba/