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Mini World Cup for Kids

This app offers developmentally appropriate challenges to young skiers. Kids can track their cross-country-activity and collect pins to compare their performance with friends and fellow skiers across the globe. The App is available for iOS and Android.

Visit the link for more details.

How to participate:
• Download the Coop Mini World Cup App for iOS and Android
• Checkout your global ranking and compare to friends
• Track your snow activity to get stats
• Have fun!

Weekly Workout Challenge

Over the next 6 weeks, Nordiq Canada National Team Coach, Para-Nordic Robin McKeever will be demonstrating 2 weekly workout adaptations and providing some hot technical tips for skiers!

Each week, we ask our athletes, coaches and clubs to post pictures doing the workout and tag @nordiqcanada #nordiqcanada for a chance to win some Nordiq Swag!⁣
How to Participate:⁣
1. Watch the videos each week⁣
2. Try the workout⁣
3. Take a pic⁣

Original Instagram post here.

Videos up on Nordiq Canada YouTube Channel