The situation respecting the current pandemic continues to change quickly as it affects the activities of Nordiq Canada National, Divisions, clubs and members. It is expected that updated restrictions and recommendations published by your local public health authority, the Government of Canada and other authorities are followed.

Return to Training / Activity in Clubs and Groups

There are a number of activities and events that were pre-approved and/or issued Certificates of Insurance before this emergency arose. Local and national public heath guidance may impact whether those pre-approvals and certificates remain valid. 

Many clubs are considering how to tailor training to at-home or other environments. Our insurers remind you to: 

  1. Use Common sense
  2. Tailor coaching/expert guidance to age and ability
  3. Keep a record or training log – both athlete and coach/trainer
  4. Do not do or recommend what you would not do under normal circumstances
  5. Stay within the coach/trainer skill level as well as the ability level of the group you are advising
  6. Obey and follow all local, provincial and federal rules, regulations and guidelines
  7. Exercise extreme caution with use of weights or other equipment or apparatus – there is no shortcut
  8.  Ensure you are following the principles of safety in sport as you adapt training. For example, think about how you would apply the principles of the Rule of Two in a video-conferenced training environment
  9. Ensure you follow Remote training guidelines
  10. The Sport Medicine Advisory Committee’s regular updates also include training guidance.

During the dryland season, club activities may resume provided you strictly adhere to all public health orders. These are subject to change, include but are not limited to:

  1. Group size not more than 10 people (coaches + athletes). Update: as of May 22, 2020 maximum group size is 50 people outside, 25 people indoors 
  2. Frequent hand washing/sanitizer use
  3. NO touching others
  4. NO sharing of equipment
  5. Maintain a 2m physical distance from each other at ALL times and consider increasing this distance during high speed work
  6. NO carpooling with others outside your household
  7. NO lingering in parking lot or other gathering area before/after group activity
  8. Cough/sneeze into something other than your hand or the air. No spitting. No snot rockets. 
  9. NO non essential travel to communities outside of your own

Club leaders should refer to the Manitoba Government’s Sport Guidelines and Risk Assessment & Mitigation Tool for Recreational Activities for more guidance.

There will be a Cross Country Ski specific Return to Play/Sport protocol in place for the 2020-2021 ski season.

Clubs and coaches, make sure you are accessing the Government of Canada’s financial and economic support programs as you need them. Several provinces, territories and municipalities have additional programs.