Coaching (NCCP)

Athlete & Coach Development Progression

Athlete AgeLTAD StageNCCP Context
23 +/- males
23 +/- females
Training to Win
Competition Coaching:
High Performance (CCHP)
20-23 +/- males
19-23 +/- females
Training to Compete
Competition Coaching:
Development – Advanced Gradation (CDAG)
16-20 +/- males
15-19 +/- females
Learning to Compete
Competition Coaching:
Development (CCD)
12-16 males
11-15 females
Training to Train
Competition Coaching:
Introduction Advanced (CCI-advanced – T2T)
9-12 males
8-11 females
Learning to Train
Competition Coaching:
Introduction (CCI – L2T)
6-9 males
6-8 females
Community Coaching
0-6Active Start
Community Coaching:
Introduction (ICC)

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Coaching workshops are mandatory for people interested in coaching club athletes from Jackrabbits to High Performance. Why is coach training mandatory?

“Every athlete is entitled to competent coaching”

Respect in Sport – Every coach in Manitoba must complete this online certification course.

More Coaching Resources

Sport Support Line – 1-877-737-9875 For Abuse, Harassment, Bullying or Hazing in Sport
Our toll-free sport support line is responded to 365 days of the year. In Manitoba, the law requires that anyone who suspects a child may be in danger must report their concerns. The Sport Support Line can assist you in making that report. For any suspected incidents of abuse, harassment, bullying, and hazing, call 1-877-737-9875 immediately. 

Our sport organization pledges to align our practices with Phase 1 of the Responsible Coaching Movement and is committed to ensuring that our athletes and coaches are protected.


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