Skill Development Program “Jackrabbits” Information (for Clubs)

Welcome Jackrabbit Leaders…and THANK YOU, on behalf of all Jackrabbits and their families, for all of your volunteer hours and endless enthusiasm for skiing and this program!

This page aims to provide you with all the tools and information you need to make your club’s Jackrabbit program an outrageous success.

Skill Development Program Enrolment and Order form

Please download, save and email this form to Karin in the CCSAM office

FYI: NEW Bunnyrabbit materials for 2019-2020

Please get your orders in as early as possible as supplies are limited and late orders to the national office will cost you more money. Each child you enroll will receive a “enrolment gift” – typically a toque for Bunnies & Jackrabbits, a buff or headband for Track Attack skiers (items change each year, pictured below).

All enroled skiers must be registered club members.

All program orders must be accompanied by a list of your Bunny/Jackrabbits and Track Attack skiers. The list will be cross referenced with your club’s membership list. Thank you!

Nordiq Canada’s website has comprehensive SDP program information including a helpful Guidebook for anyone wanting to start a “Jackrabbits” program in their community.

Volunteer Screening & Risk Management

Please be aware of the Nordiq Canada policy on Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications. The NCCP Coaching Workshops are well worth the time and your coaches & volunteers will thank you!

There are good, well-researched reasons behind the requirement for minimum training standards. The coaching workshops are all about providing a safe, enjoyable sport experience for children – so that children will chose sport over less desirable activities as they get older (research shows that more coach training = lower drop out rates for children 14 and younger).

Volunteer screening is a critical aspect of our jobs as youth activity programmers. Here are just a few online resources to help you and your club develop your own Volunteer Screening policy & procedures:

Please contact us if you have any questions!