Registration and Information (For Clubs)

Welcome Ski Clubs!

Each September a letter is sent to all registered club presidents with important information and updates. If you didn’t receive the letter or haven’t read it yet you can find it here:

Each year, by October 1st, all clubs must renew their membership with CCSAM on Use your login ID & password and click “renew” at the top of your club homepage. If you need any help with this don’t hesitate to contact Karin in the CCSAM Office or the helpful Zone4 people.

If you are a NEW club this year you will need to apply for a free Zone4 Club License

Club fees & Membership fees

CCSAM collects an annual affiliation fee from each club.
The fee is based the total registered club members from the previous season.
In the first year, new clubs pay the lowest club fee.
Club fees are debited automatically by Zone4 from the club account to CCSAM. 

CCSAM Club fee:

  • $40 – 10 members or less
  • $50 – 11 to 25 members
  • $65 – 25 to 75 members 
  • $85 – over 75 members 

CCSAM collects a membership fee from each individual club member or each family*.
Like the club fee, the CCSAM membership fees are debited automatically by Zone4 from the club account.
Clubs are advised to keep the CCSAM (“Division”) fees separate from their club program fees when setting up their Zone4 registration form. Individual members, including each family member, who become members of more than one club in Manitoba do not pay the CCSAM membership fee twice as they are recognized in Zone4 as having paid that fee already. 
CCSAM in turn pays Cross Country Canada $10 for each CCSAM club member (including each family member).

CCSAM Membership fees:

  • $18 per Individual member
  • $32 per Family*

*A family is defined by their registered mailing address. The family fee is intended to increase the affordability of club membership for families with typically 1 or 2 income earners.

Please note that all your club events and activities (except those included in the CCSAM Events Calendar) must be submitted to the CCSAM Office in order to be recognized as insured events with CCC.

All club executives must be familiar with the CCC Liability Insurance Manual and the CCSAM Club Policy .

All Event Organizers must be familiar with the CCSAM Event Organizer’s Guide and relevant Technical Packages.

What are the BENEFITS of becoming a CCSAM Club?

  • Insurance: Commercial Third Party Liability Insurance (from Cross Country Canada)
  • Website: Link from CCSAM’s website to your club site or a CCSAM website page to list club information. Find a Club
  • Funding:
    • Opportunity to apply for Lotteries Funding (see Lotteries Funding Policy)
    • Opportunity to apply for Club Development grant (administered by CCSAM)
      • Club Development Grant – Application – submit by October 15th – UNDER CONSTRUCTION, check back in JUNE 2019
    • Opportunity to apply for Club Coach grant (administered by CCSAM)
      • Club Coach Grant – Application – submit by October 15th – UNDER CONSTRUCTION, check back in JUNE 2019
    • Opportunity to benefit from programs and funding from Sport Manitoba Grants & Finance and Regional Offices 
    • Eligible to apply for any Sport & Recreation Funding Resources that require affiliation with a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).
    • General assistance with the overall development of your club and its goals.
    • Coordination of Coaches and Officials certification courses (subsidized by Sport Manitoba and CCSAM so $0 cost to clubs).
    • Cross Country Canada Club Benefits

Starting a Club in Manitoba (by Sport Manitoba)

  • How to Start a Club – page includes more resource information for parents, coaches and athletes.