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Karin McSherry Executive Director Contact      About Karin

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Richard Huybers Board Chairperson Email
vacant Vice-Chair  
Marissa Zurba Treasurer  
Mary Montgomery Secretary  
Paul Clerkin Website  
Pauline Nadlersmith Provincial Development Program  
Jenny Smirl Ski Patrol  
Ellen Smirl CANSI  
Joy Goertzen Recreational Skiing Board approved volunteers: Kevin Miller & Pat McCarthy-Briggs
Christy Willim Director at Large  
Pam Little Director at Large  
Andy Dwilow Director at Large  

Board Meetings are held monthly from September to June. Representatives from member clubs are welcome to attend and to present club/program reports. Please Contact Us to confirm meeting dates.

The Sport for Life Centre is located at 145 Pacific Ave. in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. Parking is on-street and in lots in the blocks around the building. Bicycle parking is in a locked room located just inside the front doors of the building. Many Winnipeg Transit routes run down Main Street, which is a 200m walk away.

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