Volunteer Screening & Risk Management

Volunteer Screening & Risk Management

Please be aware of our sport policy on Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications

There are values-based and well-researched reasons for these training standards for our coaches. The coaching workshops are all about providing a safe, enjoyable sport experience for children – so that children will chose sport over less desirable activities as they get older (research shows that more coach training = lower drop out rates for children 14 and younger).

Volunteer screening is a critical aspect of our job as youth activity programmers. Here are just a few online resources to help you and your club develop your own Volunteer Screening policy & procedures:

Please contact us if you have any questions!

In February 2019, the CCSAM Board of Directors pledged to align our practices with Phase 1 of the Responsible Coaching Movement and is committed to ensuring that our athletes and coaches are protected. Find out more about the Responsible Coaching Movement

Sport Support Line – 1-877-737-9875 For Abuse, Harassment, Bullying or Hazing in Sport
Our toll-free sport support line is responded to 365 days of the year. In Manitoba, the law requires that anyone who suspects a child may be in danger must report their concerns. The Sport Support Line can assist you in making that report. For any suspected incidents of abuse, harassment, bullying, and hazing, call 1-877-737-9875 immediately. 

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