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  • From Elise Watchorn:
    Skied six of the trails at Riding Mountain this weekend. The 16km Hilton was trackset and absolutely heavenly. Wasagaming and Edwards Creek were snowmobile packed and quite nice; Grey Owl and Broadleaf were also packed and decent. Kinosao (is this even a ski trail?) was neither tracked nor packed, but we enjoyed our adventure…[Read more]

  • 20 members of the Charleswood Ski Club skied at Birds Hill Park on Sunday afternoon. It was the club’s annual Try Us Out Day. Three groups skied various trails.

    The west half of Bluestem had a very good skier-set track.
    Chickadee’s skier-set track was generally good.
    Esker was fair.
    Lime Kiln was poor. (I thought 4 of us had set a hal…[Read more]

  • Skated multiple laps of training grid tonite, well packed in for sure and pretty fast.. probably didn’t need the rock skis on the training grid, don’t know what the rest of its like though…

  • Skied Esker on Friday and chickadee today. Both were in decent shape, considering the lack of snow and largely left alone by walkers.
    Chickadee and the group use road, on the other hand, appear to be taken over by the undead although one or two skaters have tried the GUR.

    • Surprise surprise.. people walking and hacking the ski trails.. I wish the park would just enforce that fine ONCE.. word would get around really quick… I guess the only saving thing right now is there really isn’t much of a trail to be destroyed…

  • Happy 2018-2019 season!
    Pumpkin Creek not quite ready to ski yet. Volunteers have packed the whole trail system and one more snowfall should do it! Thanks to all who have come out and helped this fall to work on upgrading creek crossings to make them safer and install our new aluminum mobile crossing at the trailhead!!!! See you all soon, will…[Read more]

  • Floyd Reichel posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 3 days, 1 hour ago

    Leave your rock skis at home. The Bittersweet trails are in mid season form with very good conditions due to having more snow than Winnipeg. The classic tracks are rock solid and the skate trail looks to be in excellent shape. Only a few dirt spots in the classic track which can be easily avoided. Found a blue MEC toque in the Nordic Center so…[Read more]

    • I would like to clarify my description of the classic tracks. They are perfectly formed and FIRM (just the way you would want them). They are not icy. Safe conditions prevail at Bittersweet. Enjoy.

  • Skate trails freshly touched up Friday Morning. All trails and creek crossings open and in very good,early season condition.

  • Groomed & track set today. Unfortunately the process turned up leaves, twigs, debris, mud and sand. Recommend waiting for more snow before skiing.

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of ShannondaleShannondale 3 days, 6 hours ago

    From David Lumgair:
    Greetings to folks that ski for the funn of it!
    And those that want to,
    Gord and David here,
    Fresh air is health care, help your self!
    Trails are groomed when they need such.

    And the weather looks favorable too
    Ho ho lets go!

  • Ski season preparations.
    Park staff drove around dumping wood at the warming huts a few days ago.
    Yesterday it looks like the Park tested out packing snow. Not sure how many trails are packed. Skate skiing over thinly packed snow with ground showing through is possible. Old rock skis suggested.
    Definitely need a snow fall before the trails will…[Read more]

  • Kevin Miller posted an update in the group Group logo of BittersweetBittersweet 4 days, 9 hours ago

    From Ardythe McMaster:
    The trails are ready!
    The hunting season ended, and the groomers set to work. All trails, classic and skate, are groomed and ready, and they look mighty inviting.
    The parking lot is plowed. The Nordic Centre is warm, and there will be coffee and cookies on the weekend. Join us!

    We thank those who have already renewed their…[Read more]

  • From David Juce:
    Deep Lake has been tracked for classic x-country skiing from the RMNP boundary to the Bob Hill junction which makes it a little more than 10 kilometers in length if you go all the way to Bob Hill for a total of a 20k+ round trip. We also put a trail into the Deep Lake campground (4 kilos in) so you can use the washrooms or have a…[Read more]

  • Just finished a few laps of Wildwood golf course. The new snow has covered more grass and leaves poking through the classic track so that is some improvement. The skate track, in my opinion, is in great shape. Thanks, Jim. A reminder to those who ski at Wildwood that we appreciate the support of many generous skiers. You can make a tax…[Read more]

  • On Wednesday morning, 4 of us skied the Lime Kiln trail and created a half-decent track.

  • Skiied at Wildwood last night and the trails are great for classes and marginal for skate with new snow. Wondering if the admin for this have a suggestion for what one would pay for a season membership? I would rather just put in one donation to keep administrative time down and I don’t carry cash very often…wondering if I’ve missed a suggested…[Read more]

  • I’ve received the following report:
    “I skied Bluestem and Lime Kiln on Tuesday. The park’s snowmobiles have driven over both these trails doing the necessary packing of the snow. Presently there is enough snow to ski but it is not skier tracked. Rock skis recommended.”

  • From Dan:
    I skied the Cottonwood and Basswood trails today, on the north side of the Assiniboine River.
    Sadly, the Basswood trail was visited by an ATV earlier in the day and he did a good number (very bad) on about 3/4 of the trail. A skier, not myself, skied between the wheel tracks afterwards and it looks mostly ok with the exception of…[Read more]

  • I skied Blue Stem on November 30th and December 3rd. Both times I started from the Chickadee parking lot. It was really good skiing on November 30th as somebody had broken the trail. However, on December 3rd, the park staff had been on the trail with their snowmobiles to create a base. They will need more snow before they can lay down good tracks.

  • Novice2018 posted an update in the group Group logo of Wildwood Community CentreWildwood Community Centre 1 week ago

    The trails were groomed this am. Skate track looks great, the classic trails have grass/leaves showing in some spots but good conditions overall.

  • From Muriel Gamey:
    All trails are packed and have one groomed track around each.
    Good conditions.

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